The Story  Of A Washerman, A Donkey and A Dog

Once upon a time, in the city of varanasi. There lived a Washerman. One night, when he was fast asleep, a thief got into the house to seal anything he could lay hands on.

Now in a corner of the washerman’s courtyard, stood his donkey yield to a rope, while his dog sat nearby. When the donkey saw the thief enter the house, he said to the dog, “Friend! Surely it’s your duty to wake the master up!”

“Don’t talk to me about my duties,” snapped the dog, “you know well enough that I’ve been guarding this house for a long time. And the master hasn’t had to worry about anything. But he hasn’t feed me well enough lately. So I’m not bothered about what happens to him.”

“Listen you fool!” brayed the donkey. “Surely this isn’t the time to complain. This is the time for action. Do something! Wake up the master quick!”

“No,” refuted the dog, “I’m paying him back for looking after his servants only when he is in need of their help.”

“Evil- minded creature,” shouted the donkey. “You are neglecting your duty just when you’re needed most. Well, I will do your duty and woke him up.”

Then the donkey clayed so loudly that the Washerman woke up. The thief quickly hid himself. The Washerman looked around and saw no one. He got very angry and picking up a stick, went out into the courtyard and started beating the poor donkey. The donkey died wishing that he had minded his own business.


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