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By Chandiramani, Kishor Lalwani and Poonam Malani


Map of Sindh : Our motherland
  1. General Introduction

  2. Short history of Sindh

  3. Sindhi scripts used until today for our Sindhi Language

  4. Choice of script for Sindhi language

  5. Comments from Pakistan on the Arabic and Roman Script

  6. Extract: How to popularize Sindhi Language

  7. Suggestions for consodilation of Sindhi Language

  8. Suggestions as to how the Sindhis can come up even more financially in life

  9. Charts of consonants and vowels of Sindhi language

  10. 5 stories from our heritage : Tales of Hitopadesha( in English and Sindhi in phonetic roman script

  11. Hitopadesha Classic was written in 1675 A.D in Sanskrit.

  12. 7 short stories in English ( written by Chandiramani) and Sindhi in phonetic Roman language


By Chandiramani, Kishor Lalwani and Poonam Malani

You can start reading straightaway . However for writing you have to keep the 2 charts before you , consult them for a few minutes and then start writing

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Works of G.L.Chandiramani

  1. Translated : Classic Panchatantra into :

    1. English,(Rupa) with the help of Prof . Dr. S.B . Hudlikar Heidelberg , Germany Gone into 13 editions

    2. German (Eugen Diederichs ) with the help of Prof. S.B.Hudlikar (Heidelberg) and Dr. A . Karl ( Austria ) sold 5OOO copies .

      ON THE website Panchatantra ( Das Pantschatantra ) in German

    3. Indonesian :Jyoti Daryanani and Chandiramani (Dian Rakyat) Printed 5OOO copies . Sale going on .

  2. Translated Folklore: 55 Tales of Panchatantra into English,

    German and Indonesian . All will be put on in due course. English version: On the internet

  3. Translated Classic Hitopadesha into English ( Jaico).—6 editions

    German and Indonesian versions under preparation

    Indonesian Hitopadesha vol . I on the internet .

  4. Translated Folklore : Tales of Hitopadesha into English,

    German &,Indonesian. Ready for publishing

    29 Tales of Hitopadesha in English,german and Indonesian are on the internet

  5. Bridge to Indonesia: in English: Indonesia section :

    Also on google : Bridge to Indonesia

  6. Sindhi language in Roman Script: How to read and write Sindhi language in phonetic roman script .

    Visit Sindhi section : Literature section

    You can straightaway start reading the phonetic roman sindhi script . However for writing , put the charts before you , study them and in 15 minutes , you can start writing

  7. Dictionary of Indian Music :By Chandiramani

    16 C.D’s having Bhajans,Ghazals,Classical Vocal,Thumris, Instrumental Music and Drums

    of India With special emphasis on 25 types of Rhythms of India.

    All these programmes are slowly being put on internet :

  8. Sindhi : Music

    1. Classic Sindhi music :

    2. Sindhi Sangeet Vol I – II

    3. Sindhi Folk Music

      Singers : Kavita Krishnamurti , Kamla Jhangiani , Ghanshyam Vaswani,Mahesh Chandar ,Madhu Shehri and one rare song by legendry music director Bulo.C.Rani

Map of Sind : our Motherland

1. General introduction :

Knowledge of
History of a particular region of ancient civilization is a must for the inhabitants of that particular region.

Indus valley civilization and Sind in particular was the cradle of world civilizations and cultures. The name Sind is derived from river Sindhu which is called Indus

It is a confirmed fact that Navigation started on the Indus river around 6OOO years ago .

We must feel proud of the fact that we originate from such an ancient and cultured country with a recognized civilisation of 5OOO years.

All civilizations start with primitive conversations, folk music , group dancing in two beats cycle, folklore stories told to the youngsters by the elders, farming, development of tools, pottery and primitive painting on the walls etc.

Also for the continuation of a civilization described above, we must have a script, in due course a dictionary, speaking , listening ( Modern age :Audios and DVD) and memorizing abilities. And of course the love for our culture which is the starting point

Without it, everything is zero.

This specially applies to us.

After the creation of Pakistan millions of we Sindhi Hindus left Sind with empty hands and spread all over the world. It is to our credit that not only we have survived on our own and done very well but started innumerable colleges and hospitals all over the world.

The only very sad thing is that we are using less and less of our mother tongue amongst ourselves

Dada Vaswani has said : To be cut off from your language and literature, oh Sindhi people,you will be uprooted from life itself.

How perfectly analysed. Our youngsters surely like to learn the language but they want everything short and precise.So let us take that approach so that they go through this article quickly and try to understand why they must learn the language.

2. Short History of Sind

  1. 5OOO B.C settlement and starting of civilization with primitive conversation, singing , dancing, farming and statues making etc .

  2. Ruins of Amri and Kota Diji in 3OOO B.C

    In Kota diji a drome flute domboro has been unearthed .

  3. Ruins of Kani Kot in 25OO B.C

  4. Ruins of Moen jo daro : 25 kms. Away from Larkana city in Sind ..It was inhabited in 2OOO B.C , abandoned in 17OO B.C and rediscovered in 192O ‘ Around 5OOOO people stayed there at one time. Maybe more.

    It was probably abandoned due to the floods as river Indus changes its course very often
    Declared as Unesco world heritage site . Unesco 1n 1997 gave U.S $1O million for restoration and strengthening the base of the city .



    Dancing Girl


    Moen jo daro

    The above 5 artistic seals prove the extent of progress achieved in 2OOO B.C itself .

    The dancing girl denotes self confidence.

    Wayang Kulit of Indonesia bears a lot of similarity to it .

    Scholars must do research on this similarity .

    The priest or the king shows power and dignity

    Quite a few statues of goddesses were also found at the site .

    Moen jo daro had an excellent drainage system,planned wide roads, two storied houses - made of baked mud. There were also huge granaries for storage,.

    The inllectual infrastructure behind MOEN JO DARO


    8 08 2008

    The Five steps : Basis for The intellectual infrastructure behind Moen jo Daro - Chandiramani

    Everybody knows that our civilization began on the Indus river banks . Everyone knows about Moen jo Daro built in 25OO B.C. Also that it was the first city in the world having underground sanitation .etc , planned roads, first floor buildings ,grain storage facilities and swimming pools etc .

    That was the materialistic aspect

    Could Moen jo Daro have been built just like that ?.

    Naturally there is something deeper .How did we achieve such a high stage of planning and knowledge ?

    According to many scholars , Shruti , Smriti , Artha, Widya and Arpan were the keys to the realization of such a high stage of achievement

    Shruti means : That which is heard : By the students from their Gurus or what the Gurus heard subconsciously during meditation

    The children were made to repeat the text again and again .. ..

    At this stage , they hardly understood anything but at this age , memory is razor sharp ...

    For the last six thousand years , this practice has been followed vigorously Even our Gurukuls follow it until today .

    Smriti means : That which is memorized by listening to again and again to a text...

    Artha As time passed , the children started understanding what they had memorised

    Widya : In due course Artha developed into Widya : Knowledge

    Arpan : Application of knowledge : This was applied to all departments of research : Like building houses ,underground sanitation etc etc. This is how Moen jo Daro advanced in culture and was made into a first rate city thousands of years ago .

    In due course , a script was developed for the spoken language . They called it , “The language that can be seen,” Just imagine the brilliance behind this description .

    This further helped towards consodilation and application on knowledge .

    It is a pity that the original script of Moen jo Daro has still not been dicephered But there is no doubt that our computers will do it one day

    So while we are admiring Moen jo Daro , let us not forget the intellectual infrastructure behind it And the selfless effort behind it .

    And we must really be proud of our glorius and cultural background of 5OOO years .

    With regards :



    Following the traditon ,, I have put on my website Raag Sargam aur Taal, the music programme which has basic 2O rhythms and 2O Raagas ( Note combination )

    If the children listen to it everyday , there is no doubt that they will memorise it in due course .No pressure must be brought on them but they must be encouraged and their efforts appreciated at all stages .And once they have memorised this programme ,they can understand any type of music with authority behind them .


    It had the world’s first sanitation system.

    At the same time ,three other civilizations namely Mesopotamia , Egypt and China were also flourishing .

  5. In 8OO B.C Egyptians attacked Sind

  6. Next the Persians ruled over Sind during the reign of King Darius.

  7. In 325 B.C Alexandar the great attacked Sind.

  8. Budhhist Era for 3 centuries.

  9. In 55O A.D a local Hindu kingdom was founded by Raja Chach .He was succeeded by the most famous king of Sindh- Raja Daher whom the Sindhis in Pakistan consider as a martyr for he died resisting foreign invasion .

  10. 711 A.D Mohammed bin Kasim attacked Sindh and conquered it .

  11. This was followed by Muslim kingdoms for the next 11 centuries

    During this time, Makli the world’s largest grave yard took shape .

    It has 5OOOO graves It is near Thatta in Sindh .

    It is a Unesco world heritage site

  12. British rule 1843 to 1947 : Sir Charles Napier was the person who annexed Sind .

  13. 1947 Formation of Pakistan and the exodus of Sindhi Hindus to India and various parts of the world . The Sindhis migrated to Ajmer,Ahmedabad,Bhopal, Nagpur, Jalgaon and Ulhasnagar –Kalyan and other places in India.

    Quite a few went to countries outside India . Today’s statics :In Pakistan , there are 7O% Sindhis,17% in India and 13% overseas.

    Simultaneuosly Maharao Shri of Kutch very gracefully allotted 15OOO acres to the Sindhis for resettlement What a noble gesture ! The entire project was handed over to Bhai Pratap to develop a self sufficient city with roads,and infrastructure, etc. rtc.

    This city was planned by a world reknown Italian architect.
    In due course housing projects , educational institutes and hospitals etc were built.

    The city is still growing


According to Prof. Trumpp, Sindhi is a pure sanskritical language , more than any other north Indian language.

However until today the script of Moen jo Daro has not been dicephered but there is no doubt that our computers will do it one day.

Until today nobody knows precisely how many scripts the Sindhi language had from time immemorial.

It was originally written in 8 scripts at different times but when Al Biruni , a famous Arab scholar came to India in the 11th century , he found 3 types of derivatives of Devnagiri.

In the 19th century when the Britishers occupied Sind, they found devnagiri script and Var>iki as well as Gurumukhi being used on a small scale.

They made an English Sindhi dictionary in devnagari script in 185O.

They even translated Bible in Sindhi in devnagiri script.

However they thrust Arabic script on the Sindhi language even when it did not suit the language. This they did for the majority was of Muslims.

After partition we Sindhi Hindus have a choice of Arabic ,Devnagari along with phonetic roman script .

Whereas in Pakistan , they have restictions on teaching of Sindhi in schools

We vote for phonetic roman script for Sindhi

4 . Choice of script for Sindhi Language

There is a controversy going on about the script to be adopted for Sindhi language. This discussion is very necessary for we must realise that fewer and fewer people are using the Sindhi language in daily use. We must do something about it.

Now if we analyse, we come to the conclusion that out of 100 persons, some know the Arabic script, some Devnagiri script but practically all of us know the roman script.

So why not make use of this reality? Countless number of Sindhis in different parts of the world speak in Sindhi but cannot read and write in Devnagiri or Arabic script .

So why not give them a chance to read and write in Phonetic Roman Script? Why not also persuade others who are not able to learn Arabic or Devnagiri script, to keep our language alive through the use of Phonetic Roman Script?

Even a Muslim country like Indonesia with its Kawi Script ( A derivative of the ancient Sanskrit script ) which has been used for well over 1000 years, decided to adopt Roman script and today Bahasia Indonesia in roman script unites all the 5000 islands into a compact unit. Sukarno issued a decree in 1972 to switch over to roman script .

Turkey another muslim country also decided to adopt roman script in place of Persian / Arabic script .In 1928 Mustafa Kamal Ataturk issued a decree to switch over to roman script .

Countless other countries in the world have done so to ensure the survival of their language .

The only thing that has to be done is to adjust the Roman Script phonetically so that there is only one way of reading and writing and that there should be no confusion at all. With all this in view, I have developed the phonetic roman script for Sindhis with the existing computer board.

You can straightaway start reading the phonetic roman Sindhi However writing should not take more than 15 minutes after putting the 2 charts before you...

5. Comments from Pakistan on the Arabic and Roman scripts


Where a scholar states that it takes a few months to study the present arabic script, in my simple chart of roman script,you can straightaway start reading. For writing , put the2 charts before you and very soon,you should be able to start writing .

Another expert from Pakistan has clearly indicated that the Sindhi language can be easily written in Roman script

Refer above to the Arabic sindhi article above , there are quite a few unnecessary alphabets in the Arabic script which are unused in the Sindhi language.

Accordingly these unnecessary alphabets have been removed to simplify the Sindhi language and from the six groups of unnecessary words above , we have chosen a , z , s, h , k and t/ for use in our phonetic Sindhi script

Majority of roman script alphabets have been retained for it is easy to base Sindhi Roman script on them . They are pronounced similarly .

That only leave around 13 alphabets to be understood.
Since they are also derivatives of the known alphabets it should not take more than a few minutes to understand them.

Rest is a matter of practice.

6. How to popularize Sindhi Language

This has 5 sections :

Section I : How to read and write Sindhi in Roman script. Nearly 1OO pages will be put on the internet . Afterwards a book wil be probably published in due corse in case there is response

From my personal experience ,our Sindhi language is slowly on the way to extinction ..Unless some very powerful personality with a love for the Sindhi takes over .He should make a huge central organisation which reaches every Sindhi in the globe ,

Section II : Study of History of Sindhi Music in India with all the information about musicians etc See a separate chapter in

Section III : To produce English Sindhi colloquial Dictionary in roman script

Section IV : To record 12 stories in Sindhi : 5 from our folklore : Tales of Hitopadesha and 7 stories written by me

Section V : To produce a casstte or CD : of daily conversation in simple colloquial sindhi : In any language 1OOO words are selected , made into small sentences and repeated again and again .

If you play this cassette before children from the day they are born to an age of 6 years, you will be astounded to observe how fast they pick up.

At that age , their momory is as sharp as the razor’s edge ..

Section VI :
If we produce also DVD , we will see the way our language is pronounced

With these 6 sections , I will have done my duty towards the sindhi language but the way things are going on , one can be sure that our ancient Sindhi language will not survive for long due to apathy of common people .

The Rich who could take solid steps for the survival of the language are just not interested .

Sharda Language , in Kashmir, an ancient classical language ,can be read by only three or four people and they are very old .

Let us hope , the same fate does not befall our Sindhi Language .It will be a very tragic end to a very rich and ancient language from a place of 5OOO years of culture and civilisation .

Suggestions are welcome

This work on phonetic roman scripts has to be done quietly and efficiently by an institute or a sponsor and one or two persons should be employed full day who do only this job on a salary basis ..

This is why we need a sponsor or selfless workers.

Unfortunately there is no unity amongst us ..We know people mean well but are not willing to do anything about our Sindhi language . Just empty talk.

Big conferences are held in different parts of the world regularly ,where delegates give compliments to each other .

If you analyse at the end of the conference ,one has achieved nothing .

Fortunately we have started getting offers of cooperation from Pakistan. Restrictions have been put on the usage of Sindhi in schools in Pakistan . ..They have also realised the importance of roman script . This also has assured us that we are on the right track

But like in India , I do not think they will take any solid steps .

But we assure you , we shall surely succeed in whatever we have undertaken .

Rest is left to our future generations
Internet is a must.

7. Afterthought By Chandiramani

Personally I feel , we should all write in pure Sindhi avoiding Persian ,Arabic ,Sanskrit or Hindi words. I am more than sure that our Sindhi language is rich enough to provide us pure Sindhi words .

Even Capt Stack’s English Sindhi dictionary in 185O has 15 thousand words . So why take support from other languages when you can stand on your own ?

Other wise the way things are going on , we will have two types of Sindhi language : One in India and one in Pakistan during the next 5O years Our scholars everywhere write very difficult Sindhi which is not understood by the common man.

That is why we must use pure simple colloquial Sindhi

The scholars are of course more than welcome to put in their contribution in their own way for the growth of the Sindhi language . There should be no restrictions on the choice of script or anything else.

Give it a serious thought

Very recently I went to Dubai. The first thing I did was to request the owner of the factory, which I visited , to introduce me to a Pakistani Sindhi.

I was extremely happy to observe that we could converse and understand each other completely .He even invited me to visit him in Larkana and promised to take me to Moen jo daro. Something that moved me.

So if all of us write in Colloquial Sindhi without any foreign words, the link between all Sindhis all over the world will stay.

Also we must write in roman script so that we all stay linked amongst us in India ,Pakistan and elsewhere in the world,

Konkani language is written in four scripts in India : Kannada, Hindi, Urdu and Roman... And they all coexist.Similarly we Sindhis should be allowed to use any script that we like but it has to be simple colloqual Sindhi that a common man understands

IMP If I have used any Sanskrit , Arabic or Urdu or Hindi word in my translations by mistake , do correct me and give me the right word .

So far our rich heritage is concerned , I hope that the Arabic script will continue to take care of classics like Shah jo risalo .The list is endless. I can bet no other script excepting Arabic script will ever be able to write it.,

Maybe during the next 1OO years., this will be done in Phonetic Roam script . Who knows ? At least I will attempt to write the first page of Shah jo risalo after my work on the phonetic Sindhi is over.

8. Suggestions for consodilation of Sindhi Language

  1. Setting up an institute where all the Sindhi cassettes or C.D's are collected , touched up and recorded so that they are not lost to the coming generations .

  2. Books in Sindhi should be printed whether in Arabic, Hindi or phonetic roman script .

    Publications of the same should be financed by sponsors .All scripts should get equal treatment

  3. We should translate Mira’s magazine for the children in phonetic roman script .

    I have not seen any magazine like that for children in my entire lifetime .

    Contact : Poonam Malani :
    [email protected]

9. Suggestions as to how Sindhis can come up even more financially in l

  1. For example diamond and gem business is done to the extent of 7OOOO crores per year by the Indians. And how much is our share of business ?.

    We should concentrate on this gigantic line whereever we are .

    Please do visit google and yahoo for information on diamonds ,semi precious stones ,Out of these , concentrate on Cat’s eye ,rubies, sapphires and emeralds .

  2. We should give scholarships to our Sindhi students to study diamonds and gems in Mumbai and elsewhere .

  3. Another line that is fast developing is the travel agency .The Indians have suddenly an access to Money and this line will develop beyond words .

  4. A very modern line today is to indulge in paintings.

    An American comes and stays in Bali for a few months , buys paintings even of unknown artists who he knows , will be recognized one day.He takes them home , stores them and sells at unbelievable prices .

    Paintings today is a very hot commodity even in India .

  5. Even antiques line is shooting up .

  6. A Sardarji in Punjab sold his land and bought a land in Australia 1O times bigger with the sale money . One should be always on the look out for such deals .

    Suggestions for other lines from Sindhis are welcome.

It has to be admired that Asha Chand is doing an excellent job on TV about popularizing Sindhi language .We must all support her in every way We must also appreciate the excellent work being done by Sindhiyan and Sindhishan . Really AA class



cut a  
garden aa >NASAL SOUND
bit i  
meet ee  
put u  
boot oo  
say ay  
As ai  
Boat o  


Our Folklore

Adapted from the ancient class Hitopadesha written in Sanskrit in 1675 A.D

5 stories from Tales of Hitopadesha in English and phonetic Sindhi by : Chandiramani , Kishor Lalwani and Poonam Malani

1. The Story of A Crow, A Hunter,
Some Doves And A mouse

Kaa>va, shikaareea ,kujh g/ayran ai > kooay jee aakhaar>ee

On the banks of the river Godavari, stood a huge silk-cotton tree.

God/aavaree nad/eea jay kinaaray t/ay hiku shaahee pashama jo var>u ho.

At night, the birds from all around used to come to this tree and rest there.

Raat/ jay vakt/ pasgird/aaeea jaa pakhee hina var>a t/ay achee aaraam ka>d/aa huaa.

Once at dawn, when the moon was setting over western mountains, a crow woke up and saw a hunter coming towards the tree.

Hika d/afay piraha fhuteea jo cha>du jad*ahi> ulha>d/ay jabalan puthhiyaa> lahee rahiyo ho t/a una vakt/ hiku kaa>u ni>da maa> uthiyo ai> hika shikaareea khay var>a d*aa>h ee>d/o d*ithhaaee>.

He looked like Yama, the God of Death. Hoo kaal d/ayvt/aa Yamaraaj vaa>gur piay lag/o.

When the crow saw him, he was frantic and thought to himself, "This looks grim. I don’t like the look of this at all."

Jad*ahi> kaa>va hunakhay d*ithho t/a hoo dij/ee viyo ai> d/il may> sochiyaaee> ‘ Heeu t/a maamlo d*aadhho gambheer tho lag/ay.Moo>khay t/a hina jee shikil ee nathee var>ay .’

Thinking thus, he started following the hunter.

Iho sochay hina shikaareea jee puthhi vart/ee.

After some time, the hunter stopped and looked around.

Thoray vakt/a khaa> poi, shikaaree beehee rahiyo ai> chainee paasay d*isar> lag/o.

He took out some grains of rice from his bag, scattered them on the ground and then spread out his net over the grains..

Hina pahi>jee thayleeha maa> kuchhu chaa>va>ran jaa d/aar>aa kadhhiyaa, unhan khay zameena t/ay pakhir/iyaaee> ai> mathaa> j/aara vichhaa ay chhad*iyaaee>.

When he had done this, he hid himself behind the tree.

Ayt/ro karay hoo paar> var>a jay puthhiyaa> vaj*ee likee beethho.

Just then, the king of doves with his courtiers was flying around in search of food.

Bas unhay vakt/ g/ayran jo raajaa pahi>jay saathiyun saa> gad*u khaadhay jay t/alaash may> aasmaan may> ud*aamee rahiyo ho.

He saw the grains of rice and said to his followers, “How strange! Grains of rice in an uninhabited forest? Let’s see what this is all about. I smell a rat!”

Hina chaa>va>ran jaa d/aar>aa d*ithhaa t/a pahi> jay saathiyun khay chayaaee>,’ Kahir/ee na ajaba jee g/aalh aahay . Chaa>va>ran jaa d/aar>aa hina bayaabaan jha>gala may >!. D*isoo> t/a iho chhaa aahay ? Moo>khay t/a hina may> ka>hi>jee kaa chaal thee nazar achay .’

But being greedy, the doves didn’t listen to their king and flew down to pick up the grains of rice. Whoops! In a trice, they were all caught in the net.

Para jeea> t/a g/ayraa laalchee huaa inhay karay raajaa jee g/aalh b/udhee ar>ab/udhee karay chaa>va>ran jaa d/aar>aa chug/ar>a laai haythhi lahee aayaa ai> hika akhichhimba may> hoo sabhu j/aara may> fhaasee viyaa .

A terrific commotion broke out amongst the trapped doves.

J/aara a>d/ar fhaathalan g/ayran jee rar/orar/ machee vayee.

Then the king cried out, “Friends, we are in great danger. Unless we pull ourselves together immediately and think of a way to get out, there’s no doubt that we shall all be dead. Now I propose that we all catch hold of the net at the same time and fly upwards together.”

T/ahi>t/ay g/ayran jay raajaa chayo ,’D/ost/o , asee> sachpach vad*ee museebat/a may> achee viyaa aahiyoo>.. Jaykad*a hi> asee > paar>a khay jaldee na sambhaalee>d/aasee> ai> bhaj/ar>a jo ko upaavu na sochee>d/aasee> , t/a ina may ko shaku naahay , t/a asee> sabhayee maut/a jay moo>ha may> achee vay>d/aasee>. Haar>ay moohi>jee salaah aahay t/a asee> sabhayee j/aara khay pakr/ay hikaee vakt/ mathay ud*aamoo>.’

The birds agreed. They caught hold of the net and together flew away with it.

Pakhiyun ihaa g/aalh maj*ee . Hoo j/aara khay pakr/ay mathay ud*aamee viyaa.

When the hunter saw this, he was spellbound and didn’t know what to do.But he soon came to himself and began to run after them, thinking, “These birds have managed to escape because they are united. But when they come down, I’ll have them in my power!”

Jad*ahi> shikaareea iho d*ithho , t/a hoo achraj may> paijee viyo , ai> samjha may> na aayus t/a chha kayaa>? Par jald/ ee paar>a sa>mbhaalay unhan jay puthhiyaa> dor/ar> lag/o ai> sochiyaaee> ,’ Hee pakhee ina karay bhaj/ee saghiyaa aahin jo hinan jee paar> may> b/adhee aahay para jad*ahi> hoo haythh laha>d/aa t/a maa> unhan t/ay aaram saa> kaaboo paa ay sagha>d/us.’

However, the doves flew away very fast and were soon out of sight. ”

Para g/ayraa raft/aar saa> paray ud*aamiya ai> jald/ ee shikaareea jee nazar khaa> paray halee viya

They then asked their king,” What shall we do now?

” Poi pahi>jay raajaa khaa> puchhiyaaoo> , ‘ Haar>ay asee> chhaa kariyoo>?’

“I have a very dear friend,” the king said, “a mouse who lives on the banks of the river Godavari. We’ll go to him. I know he will find a way to free us!”

‘Moohi>jo hiku piyaaro d/ost aahay,’ Raajaa javaab d*ino ,’ Hikr/o koo o jo God/aavaree nad/eea jay kinaaray t/ay rah>d/o aahay . Asee> huna vati hala>d/aasee> . Moo>khay khaat/ree aahay t/a hoo asaa> khay aazaad/ karaair> laai , zaroor ko na ko rasto g/olhay kadhha>d/o.’

So, they all flew to the place where the mouse lived.

So sabhayee unhay t/araf ud*aamiyaa jit/ay koo o raha>d/o huo.

When the mouse saw the birds flying down towards him, he got frightened and ran inside his hole at the root of a tree.

Jad*ahi> koo ay hunan khay paar>a d*aa>h haythhi ud*aama>d/o d*ithho t/a hoo d*akee viyo ai> pahi>jay var/a jay paar/a may> hika b/ir/a a>d/ar bhaj/ee viyo.

But the king of doves called out, “My friend! Don’t you recognize me? Come out and set us free.”

Para g/ayran jay Raajaa sad*u karay chayus ,” Moohi>jaa d/ost !Chhaa t/oo> moo>khay natho suj*aar>ee> . B/aahir achu ai> asaa> sabhinee khay aazad/ kar.’

When the mouse heard this, he recognized his friend’s voice and came out quickly.

Kooay pahi>jay d/ost/a jo aawaaz suj*aat/o ai> b/aahir aayo.

The king of doves told him all that had happened and the mouse immediately started nibbling at the strings of the net and set the birds free.

G/ayran jay Raajaa samooree ga/alh karay b/udhaayas t/a hunan saa> chhaa thee guziriyo ho ai> kooay jald/ee j/aara khay kut/rar> shuroo karay sabhinee khay aazaad/ kayo.

The crow, which had flown along and had been watching this from a nearby tree, was full of admiration for their friendship and said to himself, “Well, it’s true what they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Kaa/ u jayko hinan g/ayran jay puthhiyaa> ud*aam>d/o aayo ho ai> hika vayjhay var>a t/ay vayhee sabh kuchh d*isee rahiyo ho ,t/ahi> hinan jay dost/eea jee saaraah kaee ai> pa>hi>jay a>d/ara may> sochiyaaee> ,”Baraabar ihaa sachee g/aalh aahay t/a vakt/a t/ay kam ee>d/ar ee, sacho d/ost/ hoo>d/o aahay.”



B/udhhay Cheet/ay ai> laalchee musaafira jee Aakhaar>ee

Once upon a time, there was a tiger who had grown so old that he could hardly go about hunting. So he thought of a plan.

Cha>g*o vakt/ ag/a jee g/aalh aahay. Hika jha>gala may> hiku cheet/o raha>d/o ho. Hoo ayt/ro t/a b/udhho thee viyo ho jo shikaar karar>a lai kona vaj*ee sagha>d/o ho. So huna hika t/arkeeba sochee...

One fine morning, he stood in a lake and holding a blade of holy Kusha grass in one paw and a gold bracelet in the other, shouted out, “Here you are, Ladies and Gentlemen! A gold bracelet! Yours for the asking.”

Hika d*ee>hu subooha jo huna hika dhha>da may> beehee karay ,pahi>jay hika pa>jay may> hiku pavt/ur kusha ghaah jo pat/o ai> b/iay pa>jay may> sona jo kar/o kha>yo. Ai> vad*ay vaakay chavar>a lag/o “Pyaara musaafiro, vathho heeu sona jo kar/o. Ghurar> shart/ t/avhaa> khay milee vay>d/o.’

A traveller passing by liked the look of the gold bracelet. He stopped and said to himself, “This looks like a piece of good luck. However, when there is a risk involved, one must play it safe. So I’ll be wary.”

Sona jo kar/o d*isee hika la>gha>d/ar musaafira jo manu hirkhijee viyo. Hoo beehee rahiyo ai> sochar>a lag/o “Heea t/a t/amaam kismat/a jee g/aalh nazar thee achay .. . Para jad*ahi> jit/ay jaan jo khat/ro hujay,ut/ay t/amaam sa>mbhala saa> haljay . So maa> sa>mbhaala ka>d/usi .’

Then the man said to the tiger, “Where is this gold bracelet?”

Huna masaafira cheet/ay khay chayo “Kithay aahay sona jo kar/o?’

The tiger opened his paw and showed it to him.

Cheet/ay pa>hi>jo uho pa>jo, jahi> may> sona jo kar/o hosi, mathay khar>ee d*aykhaariyusi.

“But how can I trust you,” asked the man, “knowing that you are a killer?”

T/a>hi>t/ay musaafira puchhiyus “Maa> t/ot/ay vishvaas keea> kayaa> jad*hi> moo>khay khabara aahay t/a t/oo> insaanan jee jaan vathha>d/o aahee> ?’

“Listen traveller, “said the tiger, “I admit, in my youth, I was wicked and killed many cows and human beings. My wife and children died because of my evil deeds. Then I consulted a holy man who advised me to give alms. So now I take a bath every day and give away things for the sake of charity. Besides, I’ve gone old. My teeth and claws have fallen off. So what have you to fear from me?”

“B/udhu musaafira” Chee/tay javaab d*inus “Maa> maj*aa> tho t/a juvaaneea may> moo> ghar>an ee gaa>yun ai> insaanan jo shikaar kayo aahay. Moo>hi>jan kinan karman jay karay moo>hi>jee zaal ai> b/aara bi maree viyaa aahin . Poi maa> hika sadhoo mahaaraaja saa> gad*iyus. Huna moo>khay salaah d*inee t/a t/oo> d/aan dharam kar. Inakaray ee maa> roz subuha jo sanaan paar>ee karay, shayoo> d/aan ka>d/o aahiyaa>. B/iyo t/a maa> haar>ay b/udhho bi thee viyo aahiyaa> ai> moo>hi>jaa d*a>d/a ai> pa>jaa pir> kamzor thee viyaa aahin. So moo> maa> t/okhay kahir/o dapu aahay ?’

The traveller was taken in by this clever talk and went into the lake, but got struck in the deep mud.

Cheet/ay joo> mana hirkhaaee>d/ar g/aalhiyoo> b/udhee musaafir huna jay chakara may> achee viyo ai> dhha>dhha may> ghir/yo para huna jaa payra gapa may> fhasee piya.

When the tiger saw this, he comforted him. “Oh! Don’t worry. I’ll help you,” he said, and slowly waded towards the traveller and seized him.

Jad*ahi> cheet/ay iho d*ithho , t/a aathat/ d*inaaee>si,’ Ghab/iraai na, maa> t/u>hi>jee mad/ad/a ka>d/usi‘.

Ai> aahist/ay aahist/ay musaafira d*aah ag/iyaa> vadhar> lag/o ai> khaysi pakr>iyaaee>.

As he was being dragged out, onto the bank, the poor man gasped, “Ah! This villain’s talk of holiness completely took me in. A rascal is always a rascal. Like a fool I believed him and now I must pay for it.”

Jad*>hi> musaafir kinaaray t/araf chhikijee rahiyo ho t/a huna bad/naseeb vad*o saahu kha>yo ai> sochiyaaee> “ Aah ! Maa> ajaayo hina jee mithhir/iyun g/alhiyun may> phaasee viyus . Bad/maash hamayshaa b/ad/maash ee raha>d/o .Maa> bayvakoof hosi jo moo> hina t/ay vishvaas kayo ai> haar>ay moo>khay unhay laai hisaab d*iyar>o pava>d/o.’

Soon after that, the tiger killed the traveller and ate him up

Jald/ee hina cheet/ay musaafira khay maaray khaaee chhad*iyo.

The traveller should have known that one’s nature never changes.

Musaafira khay samjhar> ghurjay haa t/a ka>hi>jo bi subhaau kona matija>d/o aahay

The End


Lomar/a, hirar>u ai> kaa>a jee aakhaar>ee

In a big forest, there lived a deer and a crow. They were great friends. The deer had grown plump and roamed about the forest without a care in the world.
Hika vad*ay jha>gala may> hiku hirar>u ai> hiku kaa>u raha>d/aa hua. B/aee d*aadhhaa gahiraa d/ost/a hua. Hirar>u d/umbo thee viyo huo ai> jha>gala may> binaa kahi> d/uniyaa jee chint/aa jay piyo phira>d/o huo .

One day, a jackal caught sight of the plump little deer.
Hika dafay hika lomar/a jee nazar huna d/umbay hirar>a t/ay payee.

“Hmmm!” said the jackal. “What a tasty dish the tender flesh of this young deer will make for me. Well, to begin with, I’II try to win his confidence.”

“Hmm!“, lomar/a chayo ,’Kayd*ee na savaad/ee dish hina jay naram gosht/a maa> moohi>jay laai thhaha>d/ee .. Haar>ay kahi> na kahi> numoonay saa> hunajo vishvaas haasil ka>d/us . .’

The jackal thought it over and went across to the deer.
Lomar/a inhay g/aalhi t/ay sochiyo ai> hirar>a d*aa>h vadhee vayo .

“Hello,” he said. ”How are things with you?”
Lomar/a hirar> khay chayo “Kahir/o haal aahay?”

“Who are you?” asked the deer.
‘T/oo> kayru aahee>?” Hirar>a puchhiyus.

“I am a jackal and I live in the forest here all by myself. I have no friends. Now that I’ve met you, I’d like to be your pal and will do anything you say to please you.”

“Maa> hiku lomar/ aahiyaa> ai> hina ee jha>gala may> raha>d/o aahiyaa>. Moo>khay ko bi d/ost/ kona aahay. T/okhay gad*jee maa> chaahiyaa> tho t/a t/osaa> d/ostee rakhaa> ai> t/oo> jaykee bi chavad/ay> so t/okhay khush karar> lai ka>d/us .’

“Well, all right then,” said the deer.

“Thheek aahay ,” Hirar>a javaab d*inus.

Afterwards, when the sun had set, the two walked to the deer’s home.
T/ahi> khaa> poi sija lathay b/aee hirar>a jay ghar gad*jee viyaa .

The deer’s friend, the crow, lived nearby on the branch of a tree.
Hirar>a jo d/ost hiku kaa>u paasay may> hika var> jay taareea t/ay raha>d/o huo.

When he saw the jackal, he called out. “Friend deer, who is that you’re with you ?’
Jad*ahi> huna lomar/a khay d*ithho t/a hirar>a khaa> puchhiyaaee> ,’D/ost/a !T/osaa> gad/u hee kayru aahay?”

“It’s a jackal. He wants to be friends with us and so he has come along with me,” said the deer.
“Hee hika lomar/ aahay. Hee asaa> saa> d/ost/ee karar> tho chaahay. Inakaray moo> saa> gad*u aayo aahay,” Hirar> javaab d*inus.

“Do you think it’s wise to make friends so quickly with someone you know nothing about?”said the crow. “You don’t know what his family is like or what sort of a character he has. How can you invite him to stay with you without knowing all that?”
“Chhaa t/okhay lag/ay tho t/a ayt/ro jald/ee kahi> saa> d/ost/ee kajay jahi> jay baaray may> t/oo> kucchu natho j/aar>ee>? Kaava> chayo , ‘Ai> nako t/oo> sa>d/asi khaand/aan yaa> sa>d/asi subhav jay baaray may> kuchhu j/aar>ee tho. Ai> t/oo> varee huna khay binaa> kujh iho j/aarar>a jay pa>hi>jay ghar rahar> laai vathhee aayo aahee>?”

“C-r-o-w!” shouted the jackal angrily, “When you first met the deer, did you know anything about him, his family or his conduct? Then how is it that you are such great friends today?”
‘O kaa>va>!” Lomar/ gusay may> chayo, “Jad*ahi> t/oo> hirar>a saa> pahiriyo> dafo gad*iyo huay> t/a chha t/oo> huna jay yaa> huna jay khaand/aan jay yaa> subhava jay baaray may> kuchhu j/aar>d/o huay>? Poi t/avhee> aj/u ahir/a gahiraa d/ost/a keea> thiyaa aahiyo?”

“Oh please, let’s not argue,” said the deer. “Let’s all be friends. You can only know a friend from an enemy by the way he behaves.”
‘Oh , asaa>khay bahis na karar> ghurjay,” hirar>a chayo.” Acho t/a asee> sabhu paar> may> d/osta thiyoo> . D/osta ai> dushmana jee suj*aar/apa hunan jay halat/i maa> pava>d/ee aahay.”

“Oh all right,” said the crow,” as you wish.”
“Thheek aahay,” Kaa>va chayo,”jeea> t/uhi>jee marzee.”

And so they all started living together...
Ai> poi hoo tayee gad*u rahar> lag/aa....

In this way, some time went by.
Ahir/ay numoonay may> vakt/u guzra>d/o rahiyo.

One day, the jackal took the deer aside and said to him, “Friend! In another part of the forest, there’s a field full of corn. I’II take you there and show it to you.”

Hika d*ee>hu, lomar/ hirar>a khay hika ku>da may> vathhee viyo ai> chayaaee>s, “Dost/a! Jha>gala jay b/iay jag/ah may>, kar>ka jo khayt/u aahay. Halu t/a t/okhay maa> uho khayt/u d*aykhaariyaa>.”

The jackal took the deer along and showed him the field.
Lomar>a hirar>a khay paar> saa> gad/u vathhee viyo ai> hunakhay khayt/u d*aykhaariyaaee> .

The deer began to go there every day and eat to his heart’s content.
Roz hira>u unhay khayt/a may> vaj*ar> lag/o ai> paytu bharay khaair> lag/o .

When the owner of the field noticed that someone was eating his corn, he set a trap and the deer was caught.
Jad*ahi> khayt/a jay maalika d*ithho t/a koee huna jay khayt/a may> achee khaa ay tho t/a huna j/aaru vichhayo ai> hirar>u huna j*aar may> fhasee viyo .’

“Oh no! I must now count on my friend He will surely free me from this trap,” the deer thought to himself.
“Ar/ay na ! Haar/ay t/a moo>khay kahi> d/ost/a jay mad/ad/ jee zaroorat/ aahay .Hoo zaroor moo>khay hina j/aara maa> aazad/ ka>d/o.,’ hirar>a pahi>jay a>d/ara may> sochiyo .

Meanwhile, the jackal arrived on the scene and thought to himself, “This is what I have been waiting for. When he is killed by the owner of the field, his flesh will last me many, many days.”

T/ayt/ray may> loomar/ achee ut/ay pahut/o ai> sochiyaaee> ‘,Hina laai t/a maa> t/arsial hos . .Jad*ahi> khayt/a jo maalik huna khay maaree>d/o t/a hina jo gosht/ moo>khay kayt/raa d*ee>ha hala>d/o .’

When the deer caught sight of the jackal, he shouted, “Oh friend! Please help me out! Only a friend like you can save me from such this dreadful plight!”

Jad*ahi> hirar>a jee lomar/a t/ay nazara payee t/a vaako karay chayaaee>,, “Oh moo>hi>jaa d/ost/ ! Moo>khay mad/ad/ kari! T/o jahir/o d/ost/ ee moo>khay hina g/aree museebat/a maa> kadhhee sagha>d/o!”

“But buddy,” said the jackal, “the noose is made of skin, so how can I touch it today, on my day of fasting? Please don’t misunderstand me! I will bite it off first thing tomorrow morning!”
“Para d/osta,” lomar/ javaab d*inusi , “Heea j/aar t/a chamar*ay maa> thhahiyala aahay, maa> aj/u huna khay kee>a katay sagha>d/usi , aj/u t/a moo>hi>jay upvaas jo d*ee>hu aahay? Moo>khay galat/ na samjhu! Subhaar>ay subuha jo achee maa> pahiriyo> kamu iho ka>d/us ai> t/okhay chhad*aaee>d/us!”

At sunset, when the deer had not returned home, the crow got worried. He set out looking for him until he reached the corn field.
Siju lathay jad*ahi> hirar>u ghar na motiyo t/a kaa>va khay chint/aa achee lag/ee. Hoo hirar>a khay g/olhee>d/o g/olhee>d/o achee kar>aka jay khayt/a t/ay pahut/o.

Suddenly he spotted him. ”Friend deer! What has happened to you?” said the crow in anguish.
Ocht/o kaava> hirar> khay d*ithho.‘Ar/ay d/ost/ hirar>! ?Hee t/okhay chhaa thiyo aahay?,’Kaava> d*aadhhay d/ukha may> chayo .

“This is what happens when you don’t listen to a friend’s advice,” replied the deer.
“Jad*ahi> asee> kahi> sachay d*ost/a jee salaaha kona b/udha>d/aa aahiyoo> t/a iho ee haal thee>d/o aahay,’ Hirar>a rua>d/ay javaab d*inus.

And then he told the crow how the jackal had shown the corn field to him to get him trapped.
Poi huna kaa>va khay b/udhaayo t/a lomar/a kee>a khaysi khayt/u d*aykhaaray phaasaayo ho.

“Where is this villain?” asked the crow angrily.
“Kithay aahay iho kaatkoo?” kaa>va gusay may> chayo.

“ He is hiding somewhere in the vicinity, waiting for an opportunity to kill me for his food,’answered the deer.

“Hoo it/ay ee kithay vayjhraaeea may> liko vaythho aahay ai> moo>hi>jay marar>a jo int/izaar karay rahiyo aahay,” hirar> javaab d*inus.

“I had warned you never to trust strangers but you took no notice!” said the crow.

“Moo> t/a t/okhay chayo huo t/a dhaariyan t/ay vishvaas na kaji para t/o dhiyaan kona d*ino,’kaa>va chayo.

Then the crow sighed and shouted, “Jackal! Cheat! Rascal! What have you done? How could you trick someone who trusted you?

Kaa>va d*ukha may> vad*o saahu kha>yo ai> vako karay chayaaee>,’Loomar/a ,Thhag/a!Kaatkoo.T/o heeu chhaa kayo aahay ?Kee>a t/oo> unhay khay d/okho d*ayee saghee> tho jahi> t/o may> eemaan rakhiyo ?

The crow decided to stay on to keep his friend company.

Kaa>va faislo kayo t/a hoo hirar>a khay akaylo na chhad*ee>d/o

In the morning, the farmer returned with a stick in his hand.

Subuha jo khayt/a jo maalik hiku d*a>do hatha may> khar>ee vaapas aayo .

When the crow saw him coming, he said to the deer, “Quick! Do as I tell you! Lie still without moving and pretend to be dead. When I caw, jump up and run for your life.”

Jad*ahi> kaa>va hunakhay ee>d/o d*ithho t/a hirar> khay chayaaee>,’ Jald/ee jaykee maa> t/okhay chavaa> so kari . Zameena t/ay binaa churar> jay sumhee pau ai> mikhur kari t/a t/oo> mual aahee> .Jad*ahi> maa> kaa> kaa> karay t/okhay ishaaro d/iyaa> t/a yakd/am uthee jaan bachaair> laai bhuj/uji .’

The deer lay down motionless on the ground and pretended to be dead.
Harar> zameena t/ay binaa> churar>a jay laytee piyo ai> mikhur kayaaee> t/a mual aahiyaa> .

When the farmer came very close to the deer, his face lit up with joy and said to himself,” How nice!The deer is already dead.’

Jad*ahi> khayt/a jo maalik vayjho aayo t/a moohu> khusheea saa> bharjee viyus ai> paar> khay chayaaee> , ‘Ar/ay vaah ! Hee t/a ag/u may>hee maree chuko aahay.’

Then, he set him free and started picking up the noose. At this moment, the crow signalled to the deer who jumped up and ran away as fast as he could.

Poi huna hirar>a khay j/aara maa> kadhhiyo ai> j/aara khay vayr/har> shuroo kayaaee>. Inhay vakt/ kaa>va kaa> kaa> karay hirar>a khay ishaaro d*ino , jayko tipu d*ayee uthiyo ai> jayt/ro jald/ee thee saghiyus ot/ro jald/ee bhaj/ee viyo‘

The farmer taken by surprise, immediately aimed the stick at the deer but missed him. Instead, it hit the jackal who was hiding close by and killed him on the spot.

Khayt/a jo maaliku vaair/o thee viyo ai> yakd/am hirar>a d*aa>h d*a>do uchiliyaee> para nishaan kona lag/usi . Unhay jay bad/raa> d*a>do lomar/a khay lag/o jayko paasay may> liko beethho huo ai> yakd/am maree viyo .

The deer learnt that it is better to have an open enemy than a false friend.

Hirar>u sabak sikhyo t/a khunday d/ost/a khaa> khulial dushman bahit/ar aahay.

The end

4. Story of A Blind Vulture, Some Birds and A Cat

A>dhee g/ijha, Kuchh Pakhiyun ai> ,

b/ileea jee aakhaar>ee

There was once a hill that sloped down to the banks of a river.

Hika nad/eea jo kinaaro takr/eea jay laahee t/ay ho..

At the foot of the hill, there grew a tree and in the hollow of this tree, lived a blind old vulture.

Una takr/eea jay haythhit/ay hiku var>u huo ai> huna var>a jay khaala may> hika a>dhee ai> b/uddhee g/ijha raha>d/ee huee

Many other birds lived in the same tree and out of kindness shared their food with the vulture. In return, she looked after their young ones whilst they were away .

Huna var>a t/ay ghar>ayee pakhee raha>d/aa hua ai> mathis rahim karay saa>r>usi khaadho va>dee>d/aa huaa. Mota may> jad*ahi> bi hoo pakhee b/aahir vay>d/a huaa t/a hunan jay b/aaran jee sa>bhaala ka>d/ee huee. ..

One day, a cat came to the foot of the tree with the hope of catching and eating the baby birds.

Hika d*ee>hu hika b/ilee na>dhhan pakhiyun khay pakr/ar> ai> khaair>a laai huna var>a jay haythha> achee pahut/ee.

But when the little birds saw her coming, they raised an alarm.

Jad*ahi> na>dhhan pakhiyun b/ileea khay ee>d/o d*ithho t/a hunan vaaka karar> shuroo kayaa.

The blind vulture heard them and shouted, “Who’s there?”

Na>dhhan pakhiyun jo awaaz b/udhee a>dhee g/ijha vako kayo, “Kayru aahay?”

When the cat saw the vulture, she got frightened and said to herself; “Heavens! I am as good as dead. But I must be brave and face danger. I must try to gain her confidence.”

Jad/ahi> b/ileea g/ijha khay d*ithho t/a dij/ee vayee ai> pa>hi>jo par> khay chayaaee> ; “ Ar/ay ! Iay> samjho t/a muhi>jo maut achee pahut/o aahay Para moo>khay bahad/ur thee museebat/a khay moo>hu d*iyar>u khapay .Moo>khay koshish karay hina jo vishwaas jeet/ar> khapay .’

“I….I….I just came to pay my respects, oh wise one,” said the cat loudly.

‘Maa> t/avhaa>saa> ad/aba may> gad*ijar> aayee aahiyaa> , oh siyar>ee hast/ee .’ bileea zor saa> chayo

“Who are you?” asked the vulture.

‘T/oo> kayru aahee> ?’ g/ijha puchhiyus,

“I am only a poor cat,” she replied.

Maa> hika na>dhhr/ee b/ilee aahiya>,” huna javaab d*ino.

“Go away or else I’ll eat you up,” shouted the vulture.

“Halee vaj*u hit/aa>, nat/a maa> t/okhay khaaee chhad/ee>d/as,” g/ijha vaako karay chayus.

“Sir, listen to me first,” said the cat, “then you can kill me. But do you kill someone just because the person belongs to a particular race?”

“Muhi>jee Maalik !, Pahiree> mu>hi>jee g/alhi t/a b/udh,” b/ileea chayo, “poi bhalay moo>khay maaray chhad*iji . Par chhaakar> t/a maa> hika b/iay zaat/i jee aahiiyaa> ina karay moo>khay maaree>d/eea> chhaa?’

“All right,” said the vulture. “I am willing to listen to you. But tell me why have you come here?”

“Thheek aahay,” g/ijha chayo “Maa> tu>hi>jee g/alhi b/udha>d/asi. Par b/udhai t/a t/oo> hit/ay chho aaee aahee>?”

“I live nearby on the banks of the river Ganges,” said the cat.” I don’t eat meat. I have a bath everyday in the river and I am doing great penance for my sins. When the birds there came to know about this, they told me, “You must learn more about religion from the old vulture who is famous for her knowledge and wisdom.” “They all praised you. That is why I have come to pay my respects to you. But what do I see? That you’re ready to kill me, a poor cat. You should treat me as well as a guest ought to be treated. Even if you haven’t any food to offer me, at least say something kind to me.”

“Maa> Ga>gaa nadeea jay kinaaray t/ay hit/ay ee rah>d/ee aahiyaa>,” b/ileea chayo.” Maa> maasu kona khaaee>d/ee aahiyaa>. Roz nadeea may> sanaan ka>d/ee aahiyaa>. Maa> pa>hi>jay papan jo praashchit/ karay rahee aahiyaa>. . Jad*ahi> hit/ay pakhiyuni khay hina g/alhi jee khabara payee t/a unhan moo>khay chayo , “T/okhay dharma jay baaray may> gyaan vatthr>o aahay t/a hina b/udhhee g/ijha khaa> sikhu jaykaa ilma ai> siyaar>ap lai mashhoor aahay . “Unhan awha> jee sarah kaee. Inakaray ee maa> hit/ay avhaa>khay ad/ab maa> gad*ijar> aayee aahiyaa> Par hit/ay chhaa thee d/isaa> t/a avhaa> moo>khay maarar> laai t/iyaar aahiyo .. Avhaa>khay moo>khay mehmaanan va>gur izat/a d*iyar>u ghurjay. Avhaa> moo>khay kuchh khaair>a lai na thaa d*ayee sagho t/a ghati may> ghati moo>saa> kujhu mithho t/a g/alhaa ay sagho thaa” Bileea javaab d*ino .

“But you are a meat-eater and young birds live here. So how can I trust you?” said the old, blind vulture.

“Para t/oo> t/a maas khaaee>d/ee aahee> ai> hit/ay na>dhhira pakhee rahan thaa .. Poi maa> t/ot/ay keea> vishvaas kayaa>?” b/udhhee ai> a>dhee g/ijha javaab d*inus.

The cat touched the ground and her ears as a mark of her sincerity and said, “I’ve read all the holy books and learnt that it is wrong to kill. The entire forest is full of herbs and vegetables. So why should I sin by killing birds?”

B/ileea pa>hi>jee eemaa>d/aaree d*aykharir>a lai dhart/eea t/ay hathu rakhee pa>hi>jaa kana chhuhiyaa ai> g/ijha khay chayaaee> t/a moo> shaast/ran may > par/ihiyo aahay t/a kahi>jee jaan vathhar> gunaah aahay . Saj/o jha>gal b/ootan ai> bhaaj/iyun saa> bhariyalu aahay t/a poi maa> na>dhhan pakhiyun khay maarar>a jo paap chho pa>hi>jay mathaa> khar>a>d/asi?”

Thus the cat won the confidence of the old blind vulture and the latter allowed her to stay in the hollow of the tree.

B/ileea ahir/ay numoonay g/ijha jo eemaan khatiyo ai> huna b/ileea khay var>a jay hika khaala may> rahar>a jee ijaazat/a d*inee.

As the days passed, the cunning cat started eating the young birds one by one and the vulture did not know what was happening.

Jeea> d *ee>ha> guzra>d/aa viya, chaalaak b/ilee hiku hiku karay na>dhhr/an pakhiyun khay khaair>u shroo kayo a i> b/udhhee g/ijha khay khabaraee kona payee t/a chha thee rahiyo huo .

But when the birds saw that their young ones were missing , they started looking for them.

Pakhiyun jad*a>hi mahisoos kayo t/a sa>d/>ni b/aara gum thee piay viyaa t/a hunan hinan jay laai g/olhaa karar> shroo kayee ..

When the cat saw that her game was up, she quietly slipped away.

B/ileea jad*ahi> d*ithho t/a har>ay khaylu khat/am thee viyo aahay t/a hooa chupchaap hut/aa> bhaj/ee vayee.

After a few days, the birds found the bones of their young ones not far away from the tree.

Kuchh d*ee>han kha> poi pakhiyun khay var>a khaa> kuchh ee paray na>dhhr/an pakhiyun joo> had*iyoo> ladhiyoo>.

“Ha!” said the birds, “the blind, old vulture has eaten our dear young children.”

“Alla!” pakhiyun chayo, “Asaa>jaa maasoom ai> pyaaraa b/aar hina ee andhee ai> b/udhhee g/ijha khaadhaa aahin.”

The birds got together and killed the vulture.’

Poi sabhinee pakhiyun gad*ijee huna g/ijha khay maaray chhad*iyo.

As for the cat, once a rascal, always a rascal.

’ B/ileea jay baaray may> ayt/ro ee chaijay t/a “Bad/maash hamaysha bad/maash ee raha>d/o

The End


Shaahookaar Koo ay ai> hika saadhooa jee aakhaar>ee

Once upon a time, there lived in the city of Champaka, a holy man.

Champaka naalay shahira may> hiku saadhoo raha>d/o huo.

He used to support himself by begging for food.

Hoo bikhya pini pa>hi>jo paytu paalee>d/o huo.

He would eat a little and keep the rest in a begging bowl which he used to hang high up on a peg.

Huna khay jayko bi beekha may> mila>d/o ho, una maa> thoro khaaee baakee bachaaay hika ha>deea may> rakhee ,unakhay hika kileea t/ay mathay chhit/i may> latkaaee>d/o huo

A mouse who had noticed this, used to jump up and help himself to the food in the begging bowl.

Hika koo ay heea g/aalhi jaachee ai> mathay tipu d*ayee huna ha>deea maa> khaadho khaayee chhad*ee>d/o huo

One day, a friend of the holy man came to visit him. The holy man welcomed him and offered him food.

Hika d*ee>hu huna saadhooa jo hiku d/ost/ hun khay gad*ijar> aayo . Saadhooa huna khay manee khair>a jee aachha kaee .

They then retired to have a heart to heart talk.

Ai> poi manee khaaee b/aee d/il saa> g/aalihiyoo> karar>a lag/aa.

However the holy man couldn’t concentrate on the conversation and kept tapping on the ground with a bamboo stick to scare the mouse away.

Para saadhoo pa>hi>jay d/ost/a joo> g/alhiyoon dhyaan saa> kona b/udhee saghiyo. Hoo koo ay khay dej/aair>a lai har ghar/ee hika lakr/eea saa> zameena t/ay thhaki thhaki ka>do rahiyo.

The friend noticed this and asked, “What’s this you’re doing? Why don’t you listen to me properly?”

Dost/a iho d*ithho ai> puchhiyaaee>si,“ Too> hee chhaa karay rahiyo aahee>? Too> moo>hi>jee g/alh dhyana saa> chho na tho b/udhee>?”

“Oh please forgive me!” the holy man exclaimed. “It’s just that dreadful mouse. Every day he eats away whatever food I manage to save.”

“Maaf kar d/ost/a!” saadhooa javaab d*ino . “ Iho sabhu hikr/ay kooay jay karay thee rahiyo aahay . Hoo roz moo>hi>jo bachaayalu khaadho khaaee vay>d/o aahay.”

His friend looked in the direction of the peg and said, “But how can a mouse jump so high? There must be a reason for his achieving such a feat.”

Saadhhooa jay d/ost/a huna handeea d*aa>hu nihariyo ai> chayaaee> , “Hiku na>dhr/o koo o ayd*o mathay keea> tipo d*ayee tho saghay .?? Zaroor ko na ko sabab aihr/ay d*ukhiay kama kara> laai hoo>d/o.’

The holy man’s friend thought it over some time and said, “There can be only one reason. The mouse must have put aside a lot of food and having so much food, gives him extraordinary energy to jump so high.”

Saadhooa jay d/ost thoree d/ayr sochiyo, ai> poi chayaaee>‘“Moo>khay lag/ay tho t/a huna koo ay kafee khaadho paaseero gad*u kayo aahay ai> inhay karay huna khay t/akat/a milay thee,t/a hoo hayd*o mathay tipo d*ayee tho saghay.”

They began to look for the hoard of food that the mouse had accumulated. When they found it, they dug it up and took it away

Poi hoo b/aee koo ay jay likayala khaadhay khay g/olhir>a lag/aa jayko kooay kithay gad*u karay rakhiyo huo. Jad*ahi> uho likaayala khaadho ladhaaoo> t/a unhay khay khotay khar>ee viyaa ..

When the mouse returned and found that his hoard of food was missing, he was disheartened. He lost all his enthusiasm so much so that he could not even move about.

Jad*ahi> koo o vaapas aayo ai> likaayal khaadho kona d*itthaaee> t/a huna khay d*aadhho d*ukhu thiyo. Huna jee d/il lahee vayee ayt/ray kad/ur jo hoo churee bi kona thay saghiyo .

And so the holy man was free from the trouble of keeping watch over the food he saved in the begging bowl.

Saadhoo khaad/ay jay mathaa> jayko hoo handeea may> bachaaee>d/o huo unhay khay sa>bhaalir>a khaa> aazad/ thee viyo .

Thus it is wise to strike at the source of an enemy’s strength to destroy him

Ihaa siyaar>apa jee g/aalh aahay t/a dushmana khay naas kara>a laai huna jay t/aakat/ jee p/ara khay naas kajay .

The end


1. The Story of A Crow, A Hunter,
Some Doves And A mouse

A short story written by Chandiramani

1. Ghara jo maamlo

Mohan returned home in a very excited manner .
Mohan ghara may> t/amaam excited haala may> pahut/o

He said to his wife ,’Today I met an old friend Vishnu after a few years .He has not changed at all .It was so easy to
recognize him .He was wearing the same flashy clothes and smelt of perfume .Evidently he has not changed ‘

Joi khay chayaaee>’ Aj/u maa> kayt/ran saalan khaa> poi hika puraar>ay d/ost/a Vishnooa khay gad/iyus . Asul ee kona phiriyo aahay .Huna khay suj*aa>rar>u t/amaam savlo huo . Saag/iyaa ee chilka>d/ar kapir/aa ai> saag/ee perfume jee khooshboo . .Lag/ay tho t/a asul kona phiryo aahay .’

‘Who Vishnu ? That odd one ?’ asked his wife .
Kahir/o Vishnoo ? Jayko ajeeb ho ?’ Jor>asi puchiyo .

‘What do you mean by the odd one ? asked Mohan .
‘ Ajeeb mar>hooa jo mat/labu kahir/o aahay ?’ Mohan puchiyusi

‘ Did he get married ? asked his wife .
‘‘Shaad/ee kayaaee>?’ Jor>asi puchiyo .

‘Oh now I understand .Yes he did get married and has two sons.’ .’Mohan answered

Haar>ay moo> g/aalh samjhee.Ha ,shaad/ee kayaaee> ai> b/a puta bi athas .’Mohan javaab d*ino .

‘Really, that is indeed news’ ,. replied his wife with a smirk on her face .
Ihaa t/a barabar khaas khabar chaibee,’ jor>asi naku mor/ay javaab d*ino.

‘Why are you being sarcastic ?’ asked Mohan.
‘Hair/ee tokbaazee chho thee karee>’?Mohan puchhiyus .

‘Why , did I say anything wrong ? countered his wife,
‘Ar/ay moo> kucchu galat/ chayo chhaa? , ‘Jor>asi suvaal puchiyus ‘ .

No , no . ,’replied Mohan .
‘Na na ! ‘ Mohan javaab d*ino

‘.Now it is my turn to give you some funny news ,’said the wife
Haar>ay muhi>jo vaaro aahay t/okhay kujhu ajeeb khabaroo> d*iyar>a joo> ‘ jor>asi chayo .

‘Incidently I met your ex - girl friend today ‘ continued his wife .

‘Aj/u maa> achanak t/uhi>jee hika puraar>ee sahir/eea khay gad*iyas’ .’ Jor>asi ag/t/ay chayo .

‘Who ?’ asked Mohan .
‘Kayr?’ Mohana puchhiyo .

‘I know you had quite a few girl friends . So how could I pin point straightaway? .’. replied the wife ..

‘Moo>khay khabar aahay t/a t/okhay jaam saahir/iyoo> huyoo> . So keea> maa> hunakhay theek suj*aaray saghaa> thee ?,’ Jor>asi javaab d*ino‘

‘Of course I understand ,’ replied Mohan jokingly.’I should have stayed in touch with all of them and kept a record . My apologies .’

‘Haar>ay moo> g/aalh samjhee,’ Mohan charchay may> javaab d*ino,’ suthho thiay haa t/a maa> hiku register rakhaa> ha .Moo>khay maaf kari ..’

His wife was quite amused and said, ‘Oh the one who wears short skirts .’ .

Jor>asi khilar>u shuroo kayo ai> chayaaee> ‘Hooa jaykaa lu>daa frocks paaee>d/ee aahay .’

‘My God ! Too many girls wear short skirts these days .’replied Mohan with annoyance .’Hopefully she has a name .’

‘Dhar>ee rahim karay! .Aj/u kala jaam chhokir/iyoo> lu>daa frocks paaee>d/iyoo> aahin ‘.Mohan naaraazgeea saa> javaab d*ino ‘Umay>d/a t/a ko naalo athas?’

‘ She told me but I forgot ,’ replied the wife
‘Moo>khay b/udhaayaaee> t/a sahee> para moo>khay naalo visree viyo ,’jor>asi javaab d*ino .

‘Yes I understand . You only remember things that are worth remembering .’Mohan replied.
Barabar haar>ay moo> g/aalh samjhee. T/oo> uhay shayoo> yaad/ ka >d/ee aahee> jaykay yaad/ karar>a jay laaik aahin.’ Mohana javaab d*ino .

,Now who is being sarcastic ? ‘asked his wife ., Oh yes I remember her name now . Sonia . Does it ring a bell?

Haar>ay b/udhaai , kayr tokbazee karay rahiyo aahay? Oh ! Moo>khay haar>ay naalo yaad/ aayo . Sonia , aayai yaad/?’

‘Oh that sweet girl? Was she looking okay ?’ asked Mohan full of concern .
‘Vaah ! Hooa sweet chhokr/ee ?’Mohan d*aadhhay fikira maa> puchhiyo .

‘All girls are sweet until they get married . Then their true colours come out’ .replied the wife

‘‘Sabhu chhokir>iyoo> had/a sweet hoo>d/iyoo> aahin jayst/aaee> shaad/ee na kayee athan . Poi hunan jaa sachaa ra>ga zaahir thee>d/aa aahin.’Jor>asi javaab d*ino .

‘No no , it is not so ,’ ‘Look at my sweet wife . She is as sweet as ever . ‘replied Mohan .

‘Na , iay> asulu kona aahay ,’moohi>jee sweet joi khay d*isu.Jahir/ee sweet huee t/ahir/ee sweet aj/u bi aahay,’ .’ Mohan javaab d*ino .

And they both burst out laughing .
Ai> b/inhee khilar> shuroo kayo .

The wife of course understood that the husband was being diplomatic
Jor>si cha>g*ee t/arah samjho t/a sa>d/asi mur/su diplomatic thee rahiyo ho .

Did you invite her over ? asked Mohan.
‘T/o ghar achar>a laai invite kayus ? ‘ Mohana puchhiyo

‘Do you think , I am a fool? Why take a risk ?’’asked his wife .
‘T/oo> chhaatho samjhee> t/a maa> bayvakoof aahiyaa> chha ?Risk chho khar>jay?.Jor>asi chayo .

‘Okay , do what you think is right’ .replied Mohan .’ To me it makes no difference .’.
Jaykee var>ayee so kar,’Mohan javaab d*ino ‘,Moohi>jay laai saag/ee g/aalih aahay .’

‘ Really ? That is interesting . I know all about you men .Now , please listen carefully, said his wife ‘Your darling daughter , whom you have given too much love and pampered her , is always on the line , talking and talking.’

‘Suchu ? ‘Ihaa t/a ajeeb g/aalh chaibee . Moo>khay t/avhaa> sabhinee mard/an jee khabar aahay . Haar>ay dhyaana saa> b/udhu .’Jor>asi chayo .’ T/uhi>jee pyaree dheeu jahi>khay t/o hayt/ro pyaar d*ayee safaa khaariyo aahay ,uhaa hamaysha telephone t/ay aahay .Bus g/aalaahir> u ee nathee ba>d/ karay .’

‘What else do you expect her to do at this age ?Stich clothes ?’ asked Mohan

‘Hina umir may> t/oo> huna maa> kahir/ee thee umayda rakhee>’,Mohan javaab d*ino.’Chhaa hooa kapr/aa siba>d/ee ?’

‘For God’s sake , try to understand the situation .God knows what type of friends she has ! .Next month , is her birthday . Let her invite all her friends . It will give us a chance to scrutnise her friends .’said his wife

‘Dhar>eea jay naalay g/aalh khay samjhar> jee koshashi kari .Dhar>ee j/aar>ay , kahir/ay kisama jaa dost/a athas .B/iay mahinay sa>d/asi birthday aahay .. Achu t/a sa>d/asi sabhnee d/ost/an khay invite kayoo> .Asaa> khay vajhu mil>d/o sabhinee sa>d/as d/ost/an khay jaachar>a jo.’ Jor>asi chayo.

Suddenly , their daughter turned up .
Ocht/o unhan jee dheeu achee ut/ay pahut/ee .

‘Papa , ‘she cried ,’ we are all going to a movie . Give me some money .’.
’Papa ,’ hina vaako karay chayo,’Asee> sabhu movie disar> vaj*ee rahiyaa aahiyoo>. Kujhu paisa khapan.’

,Your Papa dear will never refuse you anything . He has no money for me but for you , sky is the limit,’ said his wife .’

‘T/uhi>jo piyaaro papaa t/okhay kad*ahi> bi kahi> g/aalh lai inkaar na kand/o . Moohi>jay lai paisaa kona athas para t/uhi>jay lai aasmaan jee limit aahay .’ jor>asi chayo .

‘There you go again .’replied Mohan full of sorrow .
‘Varee shuroo thee vayee>a.’Mohan d*ukha may> chayo .

He turned to his daughter and said ,’Next month is your birthday , Invite over all your friends at our house .’
Poi pahi>jay dheeu d*aa>h nihaaray chayaaee>,’B/iay mahinay may> t/uhi>jo birthday aahay . Sabhinee friends khay ghara may> invite kari .’

How could you talk like that , Papa dear ? Can we relax with you and mummy watching us all with the eyes of an eagle ? However the idea is wonderful . I shall start preparing the list of all invitees . Only I will let you know the venue later on . .Maybe at the new restaurant that has just opened .My friends will be highly impressed . But now , I am in a hurry .Give me some money quickly .’ she said .

‘T /avhee> iay> keea> thaa g/aalaahiyo! Papa dear ! .Asee> relax kee>a karay sagha>d/aasee> ?Saj/o vakt/u t/avhee> vaythhaa asaa> khay g/ijha va>guru jachee>d/aa. Para t/avhaa> jee g/aalh d*aadhhee suthhee aahay .Maa> aj/u khaa>ee vathhee list thhaaee>d/as t/a kahi>khay kahi>khay invite kayaa> . Party kithay kayoo> so maa> t/avahaa> khay poi b/udhaa ee>d/asi. Shaaid/ hooa jaykaa naee> restaurant haar/ay khulee aahay, ut/ay. Moohi>jaa friends t/amaam impress thee vay>d/aa . Para haar>ay maa> t/amaam t/akar/ may> aahiyaa> . Moo>khay jald/ee kujhu paisa d*iyo .’Dheer>asi chayo .’

Mohan opened his purse under the watchful eyes of his wife and felt embarrassed when the daughter took away roughly half of the amount in the purse .

Mohan pahi>jee purse pahi>jay joi jay t/ayz nazara haythh kholee a i> thoro mu>jhiyo jad*ahi> dheer>as atkala adhu paisaa purse maa> khar>ee vayee’

He shrugged his shoulders and said to himself ,’ I am always giving my wife enough money but why does she react like this? Can there be jealousy between the mother and the daughter ? ‘

‘Hina pahi>jaa kulhaa dhud*aayaa ai> par>a khay chayaaee> ,’Maa> t/a hamaysha pahi>jee joi khay kaafee paisaa d*ee>d/o aahiyaa> poi bi hooa eeay> chho thee halay ? Chhaa maau ai> dheeu jay vicha may> hasad/u thee saghay tho ? ‘

, He turned towards his wife who gave him a cold stare .

Hina joi d*aa>h nazara phayraaee jaykaa huna d*aa>h shookay nihaaray rahee huee . .

Suddenly his wife said ,’Thank God ! My Raajoo is not like that He studies whole day , has no friends at all and never goes out.’

Achaanak hina jay joi chayo ,’Shukur dha>eea jo .Muhi>jo Raajoo eea> konhay .Saj/o d*eehu> vaythho par/hay ai> nako ko d/ost/a athas ai> nako ko b/aahir vaj*ay. ‘

,But that is abnormal,’ replied Mohan .
Para iho t/a abnormal thiyo.’Mohan javaab d*ino’ .

Suddenly the telephone rang.
Ochit/o telephone vaj/ar> shroo kayo . .

The End.

2. Destiny

( Short story :Written by Chandiramani )


Raajoo was in a grand mood .He had booked a big contract last night at a party .
Raajoo t/amaam suthhee mood may> ho .Kalha raat/ jo partya may> t/amaam vad*o contract miliyo hos .

His driver was driving along the road when he suddenly saw a beautiful lady on the bus stop .She was very well dressed and had a child in her arms .Indeed she was charming beyond words .
Sa>d/as driver rast/ay t/ay car halaa ay rahiyo ho t/a ocht/o hina hika t/amaam suhir>ee zaal bus stop t/ay d*ithhee .Bayhad/ suthhaa kapr/aa paat/al huas ai> b/aa>hun may> hiku b/aar hos .Yaanee t/a hooa chavar>a khaa> b/aahir var>ad/ar huee .

He saw her miss the bus
Raajooa d*ithho t/a huna bus miss kayee ...

Full of concern he asked the driver to reverse the car
G/ar>t/eea may> hina driver khay puthhiyaa> halar>a laai chayo ,

He opened the window and asked her ,’ Can I offer you a lift ?’
D/aree kholiyaaee> ai> puchhiyaaee>s ,’ Maa> t/okhay lift d/ayee saghaa> tho ?”

‘Thank God! I indeed am grateful , for I am going for an interview, ’ the lady replied ‘., and I am already late.’
‘Dhar>eea jo shukru .T/avhaa> jee had/a mahirbaanee .Maa> hikr/ee interview laai vaj*ee rahee aahiyaa>.’Huna javaab d*ino.’’Ai> maa> ag/umay> ee late aahiyaa>.’

‘Which place ?’ asked Raajoo.
‘Kahir/ee jag/ah ?’ , Raajooa puchhiyus .

‘It is near Hotel Oberoi’she answered .
‘Hotel Oberoi jay vayjho aahay ’ ,huna javaab d*ino.

‘Hop in . I am going there too ,’ Raajoo replied .
‘A>d/ar achu.Maa> bi ut/ayee vaj*ee rahiyo aahiyaa>’,Raajooa javaab d*inus .

He thought to himself ,’ What a coincidence but I would have gone to the end of the world to drop her .My God! What a classic beauty !’
Raajooa a>d/ara may> sochiyo ,’Kahir/o na itfaak aahay. Para hina khay pahuchaair>a laai maa> t/a d/uniyaa jay kunda t/aaee> vaj*aa> haa. Ar/ay Dhar>ee! Chhaa t/a soo>ha!’

Suddenly the child gazed at him and started crying pityously .He extended his tiny arms to come to Raajoo .
Ocht/o b/aara jee nazara Raajooa t/ay payee ai> t/amaam ruar> shroo kayaee> . Hina Raajooa vati achar> laai pahi>joo> nandhiriyoo> b/aa>hoo> phahiliyaayoo>.

Raajoo was amazed .He lifted the child in his arms and felt a surge of joy going through him .The child was completely at ease and started pulling at his nose .
Raajoo ajaba may> paijee viyo .B/aara khay ha>ja may> khayaaee> ai> huna may> hika khoosheea jee lahir/a achee vayee .B/aaru t/amaam aana>d/ may> ho ai> Raajooa jo naku patar> shroo kayaaee>.,

Suddenly Raajoo felt that his life was empty .He was indeed lonely after the death of his wife whom he loved very dearly
Ocht/o Raajooa mahisoos kayo t/a sa>d/asi hayaat/ee jor>asi jay maut/ khaa> poi jahi> khay hoo bayhad/ bhaaee>d/o ho, kayt/ree na ub/aar>kee thee vayee huee

He turned to the lady and asked ,,’Where exactly do you want to be dropped .?
Hina lady d*aa>h nihaariyo ai> puchhiyaaee>s ,’T/oo> kithay vaj*ar> thee chaahee>.’ ?

She said,’ Near Hotel Oberoi is Raajoo House .I have received a call for interview .’
Huna chayo ,’,’Oberoi hotel jay vayjho hiku Raajoo House aahay . Unhan moo>khay interview laai ghuraayo aahay .’

She took out some papers from her pruse and said , ‘Look .Here is the letter for interview . And here is my application . I hope I get the job . I am indeed desperate to get one .’
Kujhu panaa> hina pahi>jay purse maa> b/aahir kadhhiya ai> chayaee> ,D/iso . Heeu moo>khay interview laai letter aayo aahay . .Ai> heea aahay moo>hi>jee application . Umayd/a t/a moo>khay nokr/ee mila>d/ee .Moo>khay sakht/u zaroorat/a aahay .’

And she handed over a set of papers to Raajoo .
Ai> Raajooa khay kuchhu panan jo set d*inaaee> .

Raajoo was shocked to see that the application was addressed to his company
Raajoo vaair/o thee viyo t/a application sa>d/asi company d/aaha> huee .

He quickly went through the set of papers .Impressive indeed.
Raajooa t/akar may> panaa> par/har> shroo kaya ..Bayhad/ suthhaa .

Raajoo was quite concerned . He decided on the spot to give her a job .But how to tell her that she was going to his company for interview?.
Raajoo t/amaam socha may> paijee viyo .Hina ut/ay jo ut/ay faislo kayo t/a maa> khaysi nokr/ee d*ee>d/us para keea> b/udhaayaa>s t/a hooa moo>hijay hee office interview lai vaj*ee rahee aahay .

Suddenly the little child gave him a big smile . What an enchanting child!.
Ocht/o b/aara Raajooa d/aa>h nihaaray muskirayo. Chha d/il chhikee>d/ar b/aaru.

But he was puzzled that the girl had come alone with the child for interview
Para hoo t/amaam mu>jhee piyo t/a b/aara khay khar>ee heea akaylee interview lai aaee huee.

So he asked her , What will you do when you go in for an interview?You can’t take him in with you .’,
So huna khaa> puchiyaaee> ,’ Jad*ahi> interview laai a>d/ar vay>d/eea> , t/a b/aara khay t/a a>dari kona khar>ee vaj* ee sagh>d/eea>.’

‘ I am all alone with no one to help me .I have to request the receptionist to look after him for a few minutes .I pray to God that she cooperates ‘, she replied .
‘Maa> akaylee aahiy> ai> moo>khay ko mad/ad/ karar> vaaro kona aahay .Maa> receptionist khay mintha ka>d/asi t/a b/aara jee kujhu minta sa>bhaala karay .Dhar>ee karay t/a hooa moo>khay saath d*ay .’ huna chayo ‘

Meantime , they reached Raajoo House .The car stopped and a guard came running to open the door for them
Ayt/ray may> hoo Raajoo House pahut/aa .Car beethhee ai> hiku guard dukoo> paaee>d/o aayo .

He saluted Raajoo .
Hina Raajooa khay salaam kayo .

Raajoo tried to give the child back to the lady but the child started howling and would not leave him.
Raajooa koshish kayee t/a b/aar zaala khay motaa ay d*ay para b/aara vaakaa karar> shroo kayaa ai> hunakhay chhad*ar> jee na kayaaee> .

Suddenly he asked her ,’Why has the child got so attached to me ?
’Ocht/o huna huna khaa> puchiyo ,’B/aar hayt/ro moo> saa> keeya> hiree viyo aahay?,’

The lady was quiet for a moment and then she answered ,’ You look exactly like his grandfather who died in a car accident along with his son ‘ -my husband , a fortnight ago .The grandfather and the child were very attached to each other and used to play for hours together .’
Zaala kuchh vakt/ maathh rahee ai> poi javaab d*inaaee>,’T/avhee> bilkul hunajay d*aad*ay vaa>guru thaa lag/o jayko 2 haft/aa ag/umay> hika car jay haad/say may> pahi>jay puta saa> yaanee t/a moohi>jay mur/sa saa> maree viyo . D/aad/ay ai> potay jo paar> may> t/maam piyaar huo ai> kalaakan jaa kalaak paar> may raa>d/iyoo> ka>d/aa hua .’

This was another shock for Raajoo . Firstly the lift from bus stop , then the interview at his organization and now this .
Raajooa khay heeu b/iyo shock lag/o .Pahiree> bus stop t/aa> lift , poi sa>dasi hee office may> interview ai> haar>ay heea g/aalhi .

Suddenly the lady turned towards him and said ,’ Do me a favour . Please look after him while I go in for the interview. He is absolutely at ease with you .’.
Ocht/o hina zaala Raajooa d*aa>h moo>hu phayriyo ai> chayaaee>s ,’Moo>t/ay hika mahirbaanee kayo .Maa> interview laai a>d/ar vaj*aa> t/ayst/aaee> b/aara jee sa>bhaala kayo .T/avhaa> saa> t/a heeu had/a hiree viyo aahay.’

Raajoo was at a loss to answer .The lady looked dejected .
Raajoo kuchhu vakt/a laai javaab na d*ayee saghiyo. Zaala t/amaam mu>jhiyal thay lag/ee.

Suddenly he decided to go along with them
Raajoo achaanak faislo kayo t/a maa> hinan saa> gad*ijee a>d/ar vay>d/usi .

He said to himself. ‘Let me see the reaction of my staff when I enter my own office with them .’
Paar> khay chayaaee> t/a ,d*isaa> t/a moohi>jaa maa>r>hoo> keea> thaa react kani jad*ahi> moo> khay pahi>jay hee office may> hinan saa> gad*u ghira>d/o thaa d*isan ‘.

So he said ,’Okay .’
So chayaaee> , ‘Theek aahay .’

The lady seemed so relieved .
Lady saamat/ jo sahu kha>yo .

And they walked together to the lift.
Ai> sabhu ga*djee lift d*aa>h vadhiyaa .

The liftman was all smiles, pointed out to the child and said to Raajoo ,’ Sir , I did not know you had such a lovely grandson .’
Liftman hinan khay d*isee d*aadho khoosh thiyo ai> b/aara d*aa>h ishaaro d/ayee Raajooa khay chayaaee> , ’Saaee> ! Moo>khay khabar kona huee t/a tavhaa> khay hair/o suhi>r>o poto aahay.’

Raajoo was astounded to hear this . Then he said to himself ,’’ ‘My God ! I wish it were so .’
Raajoo iho b/udhee ajab khaad/o ai> paar> khay chayaaee> ,’Moohi>jaa maalik ! Shala eea> hujay haa .’

’ When they reached the reception , the receptionist jumped up and said ,’ Sir, I did not know , you have such a charming grandson.Where have you been hiding him?’
Jad*ahi> sabhu reception t/ay pahut/aa , t/a receptionist hunan khay d*isee tiup d*ino ai> chayaaee>, ‘Saaee>! Moo>khay khabar kona huee t/a t/avhaa>khay hair/o man mohee>d/ar poto aahay . Helat/aaee> hina khay kithay likaa ay vaythhaa huaa ?

Raajoo did not say anything, just smiled and said to the receptionist ,’Take her immediately for an interview with Prakaash , while I wait here with the child .’
Raajoo javaab kona d*ino , rug/o muskiraayaaee> ai> receptionist khay chayaaee> ,’Hina khay jald/u hee Prakaash vati interview lai vathhee vaj*u jayst/aaee> maa> hina b/aara saa> hit/ayee t/arsaa>.’

The receptionist was at a loss to understand what was going on but she quickly walked to Prakash’s cabin along with the lady..
Receptionist samjhee kona saghee t/a chaa halee rahiyo aahay para jald/ hee tipu d*ayee uthee ai> zaala saa> gad*u Prakaash jee cabin d*aa>h vadhee.

Raajoo quickly phoned Prakaash on the intercom and said ‘Prakaash ! Listen carefully . I have already interviewed the lady , who is coming to meet you .Give her quickly a letter of appointment at Rs, 2OOOO per month with all the perks.’
Raajoo yakd/am Prakaash khay intercom t/ay phone kayo ai> chayaaee> .’Prakaash ! Dhiyaana saa> b/udhu . Jayka lady t/okhay gad*jar> achee rahee aahay unhay khay moo> ag/u may> hee interview kayo aahay .Jald/u hee hina khay letter of appointment d*ees . Mahinay may> Rs. 2OOOO ai> sabhu perks .’

And he quickly cut off the line . .
Ai> yakd/am line cut kayaaee> .

When the receptionist entered the cabin ,’she said , Prakaash!..’
Jad*ahi> receptionist Prakaash jay cabin may> ghir/ee t/a chayaaee> ,’ Prakaash …

But before she could say anything further , Prakaash said , I know Sir phoned me .,
Para kujhu vadheek cha ay t/a>hi> khaa> ag/u Prakaash chayo ,,Moo>khay khabar aahay . Sir moo>khay phone kayo.’

Meantime Raajoo started thinking ,’ I will put her in my son’s department under him as an assistant . Maybe my cultured but good for nothing son will fall in love with her and I shall have this lovely lady as my daughter in law and this lovely child as my grandson .What could be better ? I am more than sure , my son will be controlled by this charming and intelligent lady.’
Ayt/ray may> Raajoo sochar> shroo kayo ,” Maa> hina khay pahi>jay puta jay department may> huna jo assistant karay rakha>d/us .Shaayid/ moohi>jo fazeelat/ bhariyo para baykaar putu hina khay piyaar karar> lag/ay ai> heea manu mohee>d/ar lady muhi>jee nu>ha> ai> heeu var>d/ar b/aaru muhi>jo poto thiyan ..Inhay khaa> suthho vadheeka chhaa thee saghay tho .Ai> zaroor heea manu mohee>d/ar ai> hoshiyaar zaala moohi>jay puta khay control may> aar>ay sagha>d/ee .’

Meantime Prakaash came out anxious to find out what was happening .
Ayt/ray may> Prakaash b/aahir aayo d*isar> laai t/a chhaa thee rahiyo ho.

Raajoo beckoned him over and said ‘,Put her under my cultured but good for nothing son.’
Raajoo vayjho achar> laai ishaaro d*inusi ai> chayaaee>s, ‘Hinakhay moohi>jay fazeelat/ bhariay para baykaar puta jo assistant karay rakhees .’

And he gave him a sly smile
Ai> khaysi g/ujhee muskiraat/ saa> d*ithhaaee>

And they both burst out laughing and shook hands . B/inhee ocht/o khilar> shroo kayo ai> hathu milaayaaoo> .

The End.

3. Fate and effort

( Short story :Written by Chandiramani )

Kismat ai> Ud/am

When Kishor was going to work, he saw a number of people standing around an elderly man who was probably not well or had fainted .

Jad*ahi> Kishor kama t/ay vaj*ee rahiyo ho t/a hina d*ithho t/a jaam maar>hoo hikr/ay peersan maar>hooa jay chaugrid/ beethha hua jo shaayid/ thheek kona ho yaa> t/a bayhosh thee viyo ho .

Full of concern , he asked the driver to stop his car and got out .On inquiring he was told the man had fainted . He volunteered to take the man to a hospital .

Chint/aa may> hina pahi>jay driver khay car rokar> lai chayo ai> haythh latho .Puchhar> t/ay maar>hun b/udhayus t/a hoo bayhosh thee viyo ho .Hina huna maar>hooa khay hospital vathhee vaj*ar> jee aachha kayee .

So he requested those present to put him in his air conditioned car and started for the nearest hospital .

So jakay maar>hoo maujood/ huaa t/inkhay huna maar>hooa khay car may> rakhar> lai chayo ai> kahi> vayjhee hospital d*aa>h vaj*ar> lag/o

Suddenly the man revived and said , ‘Oh what a joy to ride in a A/C mercedez that also in the latest model .’’

Ocht/o hoo maar>hoo sujaag/ thiyo ai> chayaaee> ,’Wah chhaa t/a mazo aahay Mercedez A/C car may> safar karar/ jo , so bi nayay may> nayay model may>.’

Kishor was quite amused to observe that the man could make out that it was a latest mercedez model from inside the car .

Kishor iho jaachay t/amaam ajaba may> piyo t/a hoo car jay a>d/raa> car jo model suj*aaray saghiyo .

The man continued ,It is after a long time that I am riding one .Can you believe me that at one time I had four of them?’ .’

Poi unhay maar>hooa chayo ,’Kayt/ray vakt/a khaa> poi maa> hair/ee car may> safar karay rahiyo aahiya> Moo>t/ay ait/baar ka>d/ay t/a kahi> vakt/ moo>khay 4 saag/yoo> cars huyoo>?

Kishor said ,’Really ?’full of sarcasm .’
Kishor thhathholeea may> chayo,’ Sachu ?’

But he observed that the man was a class by himself . Such polish and style .

Para hina jaachiyo t/a mar>hoo t/amaam shand/aar piay lag/o . Chha t/a polish ai> chha style .

So he asked him , ‘What happened?
So hina puchhiyus,’ Chhaa thiyo?’

He replied , ‘The usual sad story of three vices .I have paid a heavy price Now I want to make a fresh start ,’
Hina javaab d/inus ,’Saag/ee tin vices jay karay d*ukha bharee kahaar>ee . Moo> inhay lai t/amaam g/aree keemat/ bharee aahay .Haaray maa> nayee shrooaat/ tho karar> chaahiyaa> .’

Kishor replied full of concern ,’ But how ?’
Kishor t/amaam hamd/ard/eea may> puchiyus ,’ Para kee>a?’

The man replied , ‘ My mind has started functioning again ‘.
Huna javaab d/ino , ‘ Moo>hi>jay magza ochto varee sochar> shroo kayo aahay .’

Kishor asked him,’ Now where may I drop you ? Where do you stay ?’
Kishor puchhiyus ,’Maa> t/avhaa> khay kithay laahiyaa> ? Kithay raha>d/aa aahiyo ?’

The man replied ,’Whereever you drop me , is my home .I live on footpath.’

Maar>hooa javaab d*ino ,’Jit/ay t/oo> moo>khay laahee>d/ay uhoee moohi>jo ghar aahay .Maa> t/a footpath t/ay raha>d/o aahiyaa>.’

Kishor replied ‘ I am going to Rajat house , Andheri .Where ever you want to get off on the way ,tell me.’

’Kishor javaab d*ino ‘ Maa> Raajat house Andheri vaj*ee rahiyo aahiyaa> .Jit/ay lahar> chaahiyo , ut/ay tavhaa> khay laahay sagha> tho . Rug/o b/udhaayo .’
The man was suddenly full of life .He asked ,’Not the Metropolitan ?

Ocht/o maar>hoo> a may> jaan achee vayee ai> puchhiyaaee> ‘ Chhaa Metropolitan ?’

Kishor was shocked to hear his question but was reluctant to tell the man that he was right .
Kishor hun jo suwaal b/udhee vaayir/o thee viyo para maar>hooa khay b/udhair>a khaa> keeb/aayaaee>.

The man said,’ I know you are reluctant to admit but in case you are going there, remember that the fat and ugly lady at the reception takes all decisions and not the boss inside . And she has one weakness . She has a son, she is crazy about .Talk about him and you will get business .Or better still buy a few comics for her son .’

Maa>r>ooha chayo .’Maa> samjhee saghaa> tho , t/oo> maj*ar> khaa> keeb/aa ay rahiyo aahee> para jay t/oo> hut/ay vaj*ee rahiyo aahee> t/a yaad/ kar t/a jaykaa thulhee ai> ar>var>a>nd/ar zaal reception t/ay viha>d/ee aahay uhaa ee sabhu faislaa k>d/ee aahay ai> na ki sa>d/asi boss jayko a>d/ar viha>d/o aahay .Huna ladya jee hika ee kamzoree aahay .Hunkhay hiku putu aahay jahi>jay puthhiyaa> asulu charee aahay .Huna jay baaray may> g/aalhaai ai> t/okhay business mila>d/o . Aj*aa> bi bahit/ar thee>d/o t/a huna jay laai kujhu comics vathhee vaj*u .’

And he continued ,’Opposite the building there is a book shop .Buy from there.’

Vadheek chayaaee> , ‘Building jay samho> hiku kit/aaban jo d/ukaan aahay .Ut/aa> kit/aaba khareed/ kari .’

Kishor was taken aback but he decided to follow his instructions

Kishor heeu b/udhee vaair/o thee viyo para faislo kayaaee> t/a iay> ee ka>d/usi ..

The man said, ‘While you go up , I would like to sleep in your car . I am remembering my glorious days . And by the way, ask your driver to buy me haka noodles with vegetables from the restaurant nearby . Their cuisine is excellent . I have not eaten properly for a few days.’

Maar>hooa chayo ,‘Jayst/aaee> t/oo> mathay aahee> t/ayst/aaee> maa> t/uhi>jee car may> sumhar> tho chahiyaa> .Maa> pahi>jaa shaand/aar d*ee>ha yaad/ karay rahiyo aahiyaa> .B/ee g/aalhi , pahi>jay driver khay chau t/a moohi>jay laai haakaa noodles bhaaj/iyun saa> gad*u paasay vaaree restaurant khaa> khareed/ karay . Unhan jo khaad/o bayhad/ suthho aahay .Moo> kayt/ran d*ee>han khaa> pooro kona khaad/o aahay .’

Kishor was amused and said to himself, ‘Even in his present condition , he has style .’

Kishor ajaba may> paijee viyo ai> sochiyaaee> , ‘Hina haalat/ may> bi style athas .’

So he instructed the driver accordingly .
So hina driver khay iay> karar> laai chayo .

He got out of the car, bought the comics and went up to Metropolitan .
Hoo car maa> latho ai> comics khareed/ karay Metropolitan may> mathay viyo .

He met the receptionist and said, ‘Someone told me that you have an intelligent son who is very fond of comics .So please do accept them .’

Receptionist khay gad*yo ai> chayaaee>s ,’Kahi> moosaa> g/aalh kaee t/a t/okhay hiku t/amaam hoshiyaar putu aahay jahi>khay comics d*aadhha var>ad/aa aahin .So mahirbaanee karay heeu accept kari .’‘

The receptionist was overwhelmed with emotion .There were tears in her eyes
Receptionist t/amaam emotion may> bharjee vayee. Huna jay akhiyun may> g/or/haa bharjee aayaa .

She said ,’You are the first one who has shown so much concern for my son. People who come here , are only interested in themselves . Nothing else matters to them.’
‘Too> pahiriyo> ee maar>hoo aahee> jahi> moo>hi>jay puta jo hayt/ro sochiyo aahay . Jakay maar>hoo hit/ay achan thaa rug/o pahi>jo ee socheen thaa .B/ee kahi> g/aalh jee parvaah kona athan .’

‘Oh yes ! I forgot ,I will tell the boss you are here ,’ she continued

Ar/ay moo>khay g/aalh visree vayee .Maa> boss khay cha>va>dasi t/a t/avhee> aayaa aahiyo’ hina vadheeka chayo

She hunted out a bunch of papers from the drawer and went inside . Kishor recognized his set of papers .

Poi hina khaanay maa> kujhu paanaa khadhhiyaa ai> a>d/ar vayee .Kishor pahi>jaa panaa> suj*aat/aa .

She was gone for a long time but Kishor waited patiently .
Jaam vakt/ a>d/ar vayee para Kishor t/amaam sabura saa> t/arsiyo .

Finally when she came out , she beckoned him to go in .

Jad*ahi> aakhir b/aahir nikt/ee t/a khays a>dar vaj*ar> laai ishaaro d*inaaee>s.

When he went in , the boss was in a friendly mood .

Jad*ahi> a>d/ar viyo t/a boss t/amaam suthhee mood may> ho .

He said, ‘ I have gone through your offer and I feel , I should give you the contract . Please start straightaway . My receptionist will guide you ,’

Chayaaee>s , ‘Moo> t/uhi>jaa papers jaachiyaa aahin ai> maa> samjhaa> tho t/a maa> t/okhay contract d*iyaa>. Yakd/am kamu karar> shroo kari . Moohui>jee receptionist t/okhay guide ka>dee .’

Kishor came out and walked back to the receptionist and said , ‘Next time I shall bring some very interesting books on general knowledge for your son .’
Kishor b/aahir aayo ai> receptionist vat/ vaapas viyo ai> chayaaee>.’B/iay d/afay maa> t/uhi>jay puta laai general knowledge jaa kit/aaba aar>ee>dusi .

And he took her leave . .
Ai> khaa>us mokala vart/aaee> .

‘ On the road in his car ,the man was waiting anxiously and asked,’What happened ?’

Rast/ay t/ay car may> mar>hoo munt/azir vaythho ho ai> puchhiyaaee> ‘Chhaa thiyo ?’

‘You were right ,I got the contract .’Kishor replied .
‘T/avhaa>jee g/aalh baraabar huee .Moo>khay contract milyo.’

The man said ,’If you play fair with me , I shall guide you with my vast experience Now tell me ..How much have you reserved for me ? I want with dignity 5% on the value of the contract .’

Maar>hooa chayo ,’ Jaykad*ahi> t/oo> moo>saa> sidhho hala>d/ay t/a maa> t/okhay pahi>jay zabard/ast/ aazmood/ay saa> guide ka>d/usi .Haar>ay moo>khay b/udhaai,moo>hi>jay lai ghar>o rakhiyo athaee?Moo>khay 5% contract jay value t/ay maana saa> khapan’.

Kishor was an honourable man and he readily agreed.

Kishor t/amaam izat/ varo mar>hoo huo ai> yakdam maj*aaee> .

The man said ,’Now what is your next destination?’
Mar>hooa puchiyus ,’Haar>ay kithay vaj*ar>a jo khiyaal athaee ?’

Kishor replied ,’ Cosmopoliton ,’
Kishor javaab d*ino ,’Cosmopolitan .’

,’Oh that smiling crook .Let me see . Don’t go there now . Please. He will throw you out but we must plan . ..He is very fond of golf and regularly goes to Apollo Golf club .Join the club . I will guide you how to play golf .I will even get an expert from the club ,Chandan to teach you how to play .. Take it easy.’ It is a very very big corporate house and if you play your cards properly, with one contract , your life is made . .But follow my instructions and you will succeed. ’said the man .’
‘’‘Oh iho muskiraaee>d/ar kaatkoo. Moo>khay sochar> d*ay .Haar>ay mahirbaanee karay hut/ay na vaj*u . Hoo t/okhay kadhhee b/aahir uchhlaaee>d/o . Para asaa> khay plan karar> khapay .Hoo golf jo t/amaam shaukeen aahay ai> t/amaam regularly Apollo golf club may> vay>d/o aahay . Golf club khay join kar .Maa> t/okhay saykhaaree>d/usi t/a kee>a golf khayljay .Ayt/ray kadar maa> t/okhay club maa> expert vathhee d*ee>dusi .Chandan t/okhay saykhaaree> d/o t/a golf keea> kabee aahay .Iho t/amaam vad*o corporate house aahay ai> jay t/maam dhyaan saa> hala>d/ay> t/a hikr/ay hee contract saa> t/uhi>jee hayaat/ee thhahee pava>d/ee .Jaykee maa> chavaa>i , t/eeay> kari ai> fat/ahiyaab thee>d/ay> ‘,maar>hooa chayo .

‘And remember ‘, continued the man,’ all human beings have weaknesses . Study them , move accordingly and take advantage of them ,’but never overdo things and harm others , . Always restrain yourself .’
,Ai> yaad/ kari ,’ maar>hooa ag/t/ay chayo.’ ‘ t/a sabhnee insaanan may> kamzoriyoo> hoo>d/iyoo> aahin . Unhan khay jaach ai> unhan jo faaid/o vathhu .Para kad/ahi> bi had/a khaa> b/aahir na vaj*ji ai> maar>hun khay nuksaan na pahuchaaiji . Ai> hamayshaa paar> t/ay kaaboo rakhiji ‘.

Kishor smiled and said ,,’Now that we are partners , let me put you up at a small and clean hotel .You relax but I am suddenly afraid of you . There is no doubt that very soon , with your vast experience you will not need me and will throw me out .’

Kishor muskiraayo and chayaaee>,’Jee>a> t/a haar>ay asee> bhaaeevaara aahiyoo> , moo>khay t/avhaa> jay laai kahi> na>dhhee ai> saaf Hotel may> rahar> jo int/izaam karar> khapay.T/avhee> aaram kayo para ochit/o moo>khay t/avhaa> maa> dapu lag/ar> shroo thiyo aahay .Inhay may> ko shaku konhay t/a jald/hee t/avhaa> khay pahi>jay zabard/ast/ aazmood/ay jay karay moo>hi>jee kaa zaroot/a na pava>d/ee ai> moo>khay uchhlaaee>d/ay phito ka>d/aa .’

And he gave him around Rs. 5OOO .

Ai> hinakhay atkal Rs. 5OOO d*inaaee> .

‘The man replied ,’Whatever my defects are ‘ I have suddenly started thinking of you as my son .I have no family and I have always felt lonely . But suddenly I feel vibrant . I feel , I have paid for my blunders . Now watch me and see how dynamic I can be ‘.

Maar>hooa javaab d*ino, ‘ Barabar moo> may> khaamiyoo> aahin’para ocht/o moo> t/okhay pahi>jay puta vaa>gur samjhar> shroo kayo aahay .Moo>khay kaa family kona aahay. Moo> hamaysha paar> khay akelo mahisoos kayo aahay . Para ocht/o maa> paa>ra khay t/amaam shakt/eea saa> bharpoor mahisoos kayaa> tho .Maa> samjhaa> tho t/a moo> pahi>jay chukun jo hisaab d*ayee pooro kayo aahay .Haar>ay moo>khay jaachiji ai> d*isiji t/a maa> kayt/ro dynamic thee saghaa> tho .’

Kishore gave him a smile , took his leave and went home pleased with life .

Kishor muskiraayo , khaa>usi moklaayaaee> ai> t/amaam suthhee mood/ may> ghar viyo .

The End.


A short story written by Chandiramani

Varee janam vathhar>

There was pin drop silence in the office
Office may> t/amaam maathhi huee.

The borrower was to sign the documents giving all his assets to the creditor..
Udhaar vathha>d/ar udhaar d*ee>d/ar khay pahi>jaa sab kuchh assets thay d*inaa .

Suddenly the door burst open and a small girl came running followed her mother, She was crying. The little girl was the daughter of the borrower.

Ocht/o d/aru zora saa> khuliyo ai> hikr/ee nandhhree chhokr/ee dukoo> paaee>d/ee a>d/ar ghir/ee . Maar>asi puthhiyaa> huee .Ihaa nandhhr/ ee chhokr/ee karz vathhand/ar vaaray jee dheeu huee .

When the creditor saw her , he went pale . thinking’.Why, this is my daughter whom I lost years ago.My God ! What is this ?’
Jad*ahi> udhaar d*ee>d/ar jee nazar chhokr/ee t/ay payee t/a huna jee shikil lahee vayee. Ai> sochiyaaee> ,’ Heea t/a moohi>jee dheeu aahay jaykaa kujhu saala ag/ay maree vayee huee .Ar/ay moohi>jaa maalik! Heeu chhaa thee rahiyo aahay ?’

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief,
Pahi>joo> akhiyoo> hina bayait/baree may> mahitiyoo> .’

The girl proceeded to her father
Chhokr/ee peeu khay milar> laai ag/iyaa> vadhee .

The father got annoyed and said to his wife,’ How could you let her come here?,’
Pir>as naaraaz thee joi khay chayo ,’T/o hina khay hit/ay keea> achar> di/no ?

The mother said .’ You know what a sweet child she is . But today I just could not control her She went wild and insisted on seeing you. So there was no other way but to do so.’
Maar>asi chayo ‘,T/okhay khabara aahay t/a kahir>ee na mohee>d/ar b/aar aahay . Para aj/u maa> hunakhay kabzay may> rakhee na saghiyas.Par>eea khaa> b/aahir nikr>ee vayee ai> zid/u kayaaee> t/a maa> papa khay gad*ijaa> So inakaray b/iyo ko charo na ho savai eea> karar> jay .’

Suddenly the eyes of the girl fell on the creditor. She went into a trance and continued gazing at him..
Ocht/o chokr/eea jee nazar udhhar d*ee>d/ara t/ay payee . Hooa zaray ghati samaadheea may> achee vayee ai> ghoray huna khay d*isa>d/ee rahee .

Suddenly she gave him a big smile and said,’ You will play the horse and let me ride you.’
Ocht/o chokr/eea huna d*aa>ha nihaaray muskiraayo ai> puchhiyaaee>s ,’Tavhee> raa>d/ may> ghor/aa thiyo ai> maa> t/avhaa> t/ay savaaree ka>d/as .’

The creditor got flabberghasted and said to himself , ,’ My God, this is the game myself and my daughter used to play.’
Udhaar d/ee>d/ar iho b/udhee sakht/u hairaan thee viyo ai> paar> khay chayaaee> ,,’.Maalik muhi>jaa . Ihaa ee raa>d/ t/a maa> pahi>jee dheeu saa> ka>d/o hos.’

So he quietly knelt down on the floor on his fours.
So t/amaam shaa>t/ may> pata t/ay ghor/ay vaa>gur vaythho .

Suddenly the girl burst out laughing and said to the creditor,’ How stupid you are !Do the horses wear a coat and a tie ? Take them off.’
Ocht/o chokr/eea khilar> shroo kayo ai> udhaar d*ee>d/ara khay chayaaee> ‘, Kayd*aa na t/avhee> stupid aahiyo .Chhaa ghor/aa tie ai> coat paaee>d/aa aahin ?Jald/ee laahiyo .’

The borrower got annoyed with his daughter but the creditor waved him away
Karz vathha>d/ar pahi>jee dheeu t/ay naaraaz thiyo para udhaar d/ee>d/ar ishaaro karay rokyus.

He took off his coat and his tie and knelt once again on the ground on all fours.
Hina pahi>jo coat ai> tie laathee ai> varee pata t/ay ghor/ay vaa>guru vaythho.

The little girl jumped on his back and said,’ Run fast.’’’
Na>dhhiree chokr/ee putheea t/ay tipo d*ayee vaythhee ai> chayaaee>s ,’Jald/ee duka paayo .’

He meekly started doing so .
Maathh may> huna iay> karar> shroo kayo.

Suddenly the girl said,’ You used to run faster,’
Ocht/o chokr/eea chayus , ‘Ag/u may> t/a
t/avhee> jald/ee duka>d/aa huaa .’

The creditor said to himself,’ How right she is .I used to be faster.. But after the death of my daughter , I have lost interest in life.’
Udhaar d*ee>d/ar sochiyo,’Hina jee g/aalh baraabar aahay .Ag/umay> maa> t/akr/o duka>d/o hos para muhi>jee dheea jay maut/ khaa> poi muhi>jo hayaat/eea maa> interest nikr/ee viyo aahay ‘

So meekly he replied,’ Yes are right but I will try to run faster.’’
So aahist/ay javaab d*inaaee>,.T/uhi>jee g/aalh baraabar aahay para maa> koshish karay t/akr/o duka>d/us .’

Suddenly the girl cried out ‘ Stop ! Don’t you see the big river ahead?’
Ocht/o chokr/eea vako karay chayo.’T/arso .Chhaa ag/yaa> vad*ee nad/ee nathaa d*iso ?’

He peered in the distance and pretended to see the river..
Hina dhyaan saa> paryaa> nihaariyo ai> hika nad/eea khay d*isar>a jo mikhir/u kayaaee> .

‘Yes ! I do’, he replied.
‘Baraabar ,maa> d*isee saghaa> tho ,’hina javaab d*ino

The girl said,’ Make me a strong boat..’
Chokr/eea chayo ,’Moo>khay hika mazboot/ b/ayr/ee thhaahay d*iyo’ .

He looked around for a thick and strong paper.
Hina chainee t/araf thulhay ai> mazboot/ panay jee t/alaash kaee .
Suddenly an idea struck him.He asked for the documents whi ch were bound by a thick and strong cover ..
Ocht/o ocht/o hika idea aayasi ,Agreement jaa panaa ghuriyaaee> jaykay t/amaam thulhay ai> mazboot/ cover saa> b/adhala huaa.

He took it and started to remove the cover of the documents.
Hatha may> khar>ee hina documents jay cover khay jud/aa karar> shroo kayo .

His assistant shouted ‘.Sir ! ,What is this you are doing ?’
Sa>d/asi assistant vaako kayo ,’ Saaee> hee chhaa karay rahiyaa aahiyo .’

But he just smiled and tore off the cover. He made a lovely strong boat . He was adept at this.
Para hina rug/o muskiraayo ai> cover khay chhikay b/aahir kayo. Unhay maa> t/maam suthhee mazboot/ b/ayr/ee thhaahiyaaee> .Inhay kama may> huna khay hayra huee .

He then tore up the documents
Poi hina documents fhaaray phitaa kayaa.‘

His assistant shrieked . Sir ! You have destroyed documents worth five million .’
Assistant vaako karay chayo, ‘Saaee> , t/avhaa> 5O lakhan jaa documents fhaaray naas kayaa .’

The man said nothing and gave the boat to the girl
Para hina javaab kona d*ino ai> b/ayr/ee chokr/eea khay d*inaaee> ..

‘,Have it ! You like it? ‘ he asked .
‘Haa> heea vathhu .T/okhay var>ay thee ?’Hina savaal kayo .

‘Yes Yes ‘, said the girl ‘ But now I must go home and feed my baby .’
‘Haa ,haa !Chokr/eea javaab d*inusi ., Para haar>ay maa> ghar vay>d/asi ai> pahi>jay babya khay kuchhu khaaraaee>d/asi .’

‘You mean the brown bear ? he asked .
‘Iho brown ricchu ?’ Hina puchiyo

The girl went into raptures,’ Yes ! Yes! You have seen it ?’ she asked
Chokr/ee gad/ gad/ thee vayee .’Haa haa! Para t/avhaa> huna khay d*ithho aahay?’ chokr/eea puchhiyo

How could he forget that his daughter had died holding a brown bear in her lap .
Hoo keea> visaaray saghay haa t/a sa>d/asi dheeu hika brown riccha khay ha>ja may> khar>ee muee huee.

‘So he replied,’ Yes, I have seen your baby .’
So hina javaab d*ino, Ha! Moo> t/uhi>jay babya khay d*ithho aahay.’ hina javaab d/ino .

Suddenly the girl’s mood changed . She left quickly after giving him a warm hug and a big smile.
Ocht/o chhokr/eea jee mood phiree vayee .Huna khay g/araathhiree paa ay muskir/aayaaee> t/akr/o b/aahir nikr/ee vayee.

He burst into tears of joy. Yes, she was his daughter who had come back to him
Hina khoosheea may> g/or/haa g/aar/ar shroo kayaa .Hoo barabar huna jee dheeu huee jayka vatisi vaapas aayee huee .

He said to himself, ‘ Oh merciful God . You have given me back my daughter.’
Paar>a khay chayaaee> ,Oh Maalik t/o moo>t/ay rahim khaad/o aahay .T/o moo>khay mu>hi>jee dheeu vapas d*inee aahay .’

The assistant said to him once again,’ Sir, what is this you have done ?’
Assistant varee chayo,’ Saaee> t/avhaa> heeu chhaa kayo?’

He replied, ‘I do not want the father of my daughter to have any financial problems. Otherwise how will he look after her properly ?.’
Hina javaab d*ino ,’Maa> natho chhahiyaa> t/a moohi>jee dheeu jay papa khay kaa paisay jee khoti hujay na t/a hoo hunajee poori sa>bhaala keea > ka>d/o ?

But nobody understood him
Para kahi> bi huna khay kona samjho .

The End

5. A true friend

A short story by Chandiramani

5 Sacho d/ost/

Chandroo came out from the departmental stores with his hands full of packages , when someone touched him .
Chand/roo departmental store maa> b/aahir aayo . B/inhee hathan may> packages huasi .Ochit/o kahi> maar>hooa khaysi touch kayo .

Chandroo turned back and saw a person dressed in a very ordinary fashion .

Cha>d/roo puthhee varaaee ai> hika t/amaam ravaajee kapr/an paat/al maar>hooa khay d/ithhaaee> .

The person said, ‘What a sad thing that you can’t even recognize your old friend Haree?.’
Unhay maar>hooa chayo ,’ Kahir/ee na d/ukha jee g/aalh aahay t/a pahi>jay puraanay d/ost/a Haree khay nathho suj*aar>ay saghee>?

Chandroo got a shock of his life and he said, ‘My God ! How much have you changed; What went wrong ?’
Cha>d/roo ajaba may> paijee viyo ai> chayaaee> ,’ Muhi>jaa Dhar>ee !Kayt/ro na t/o may> pher/o aayo aahay ?’

‘I lost heavily in business but I chose to pay every rupee of the creditors and this is how I stand . I now live in a chawl.’ Haree answered .
‘Moo> dha>dhay may> jaam vij*aayo para moo> karazdaaran khay hiku hiku rupayo d/ino ai> heea moohi>jee halat/ aahay .Har>ay maa> hika chawl may> raha>d/o aahiyaa>,’Haree javaab d*ino .

Chandroo asked ,’Why did you not approach me ? . Afterall money is not everything in life.’ .’
Cha>d/roo puchhiyus ,.T/oo> moo> vati chhona aa ay> ?Hayaat/eea may> paiso sabhu kuchhu konhay .’

‘My self respect or vanity did not allow me to come to you,’replied Hari.
‘Pahi>jee izat/ ya vad*aaeea moo>khay t/o vat/ kona achar> d*ino.’Haree javaab d*ino .

‘Anyway done is done. Get into my car .I have an urgent meeting at my office and I am on my way .My driver will drop you back . We will have roughly half an hour to chit chat ,’replied Chandroo.
‘Khair thhiyo so thhiyo .Haar>ay moohi>jee car may> char/hu .Moo>khay office may> zaroori meeting aahay ai> maa> ut/ay vaj*ee rahiyo aahiyaa>.Moohi>jo driver t/okhay vapas chhad*ee>d/o .Assaa>khay atkala adhu kalaak g/aalaahir>a laai aahay.’Cha>d/roo javaab d*ino .

And they got into the car.
Ai> b/aee gad*u car may> vaythhaa .

Now Haree turned to Chandroo and said ,’Now how are things with you and your family? ‘
Haar>ay Haree Cha>d/roo t/araf nihaariyo ai> puchhiyaaee> ,’Haar>ay t/uhi>jo ai> t/uhi>jay familya jo chhaa haal aahay?’

‘All fine . I am earning millions . And my family , my wife, a son and a daughter live together .We are on excellent terms but under our loving conversation ,I feel, there is a wall between us and there is no perfect communication .I am at a loss to understand .’Chandroo answered .
‘Sabhu thheek aahay .Maa> lakhay> rupayaa kamaayaa> vaythho .Ai> assee> sabhu yaani t/a maa> , moohi> jee joi,putu ai> dheeu gad*u raha>d/aa aahiyoo> . Assee> t/amaam pyar saa> paar> may> gaalhaaee>d/aa Para asaa>jay mithhiyun g/aalhiun jay vichamay> maa> samjhaa> tho t/a hika deevaar aahay ai> paar>a may> t/maam suthho communication kona aahay .Inhay karay maa> mu>jhial aahiyaa> ,‘Cha>d/roo javaab d*ino.

Chandroo continued , ,,’ I don’t think it would be easy to find out the reason . .But I must dig in and find out ... Anyway in the evening drop in my house and join us for dinner And do bring over your family . They must get to know each other . .I won’t have no for an answer .My driver will come and fetch you all .Give him your address . I shall drop you back. Thus I will have the opportunity to meet your family.Anyway how are things at home .?’
Cha>d/roo ag/t/ay vadhee chayo,’ Maa> natho samjhaa> t/a sabab g/olhar> savlo thee>d/o para maa> zaroor dhiyaan saa> sabab g/olhar> jee koshish k>ad/us .Khair!Saa>jhun jo zaroor moo>hi>jay ghar dinner laai achiji ai> zaroor pa>hi>jee family khay bi vathhee achiji Jiay> t/a paar> may> sabhu hika b/iay khay suj*aar>an . Maa> inkaar b/udhar> laai t/iyaar kona aahiyaa>. .Mu>hi>jo driver t/avhaa>khay achee vathhee vay>d/o.Address d*ijaa>s . Maa> t/okhay vaapas chhad*ee>d/usi .Inhay numoonay t/u>hijee family saa> gad*ijar>a jo vajhu mila>d/o .Khair .Ghara may> haalaat/oo> kee>a athaee?

‘Fantastic! My wife and children stood by me during the period of crisis .They cut down heavily on expenses without a whimper ..It is not easy to change one’s life style from a rich man to a poor man.’replied Hari .
‘Waah! Moohi>jee joi ai> moohi>jan b/aaran moo>khay inhay d*ukhiay vakt/a may> saath d*ino . T/amaam kharcha ghataa ay chhad*iyaaoo> .Shaahookaree haalat/ maa> gareebee haalat/ may> vaj*ar> d*ukhiyo aahay.’ Haree javaab d*ino .

‘How lucky you are . I wonder how my family would have reacted under similar conditions ,’replied Chandroo.
‘T/oo> sachu much kismat/ vaaro aahee> .Maa> chayee natho saghaa> t/a moo>hi>jee family keea> halay haa.’ Cha>d/rooa javaab d*ino .

‘In the evening Chandroo’s driver brought Hari and his family over to a palatial apartment .
Saa>jhun jo Cha>d/rooa jay driver Haree ai> s>d/asi family khay mahla jahir/ay ghara may> vathhee aayo.

Chandroo said to his wife, ‘ Can you imagine who has come to our house ?’
Cha>d/roo pahi>jay joi khay chayo ,’Sochay sagha>d/ee>a t/a asaa> jay ghar kayr aayo aahay ?

His wife was taken aback at the question , had a good look at Hari and said ,’But you have changed a lot.You have lost weight but you look healthy .Teach my fat husband how to exercise.’
Suvaal b/udhee sa>d/asi joi vaair/ee thee vayee . Hareea khay cha>g*ee t/arahi jaachiyaaee> ai> chayaee> ,’ T/o may> kafee change aaee aahay .T/o cha>g*ee t/ora vij*aaee aahay .Moohi>jay thulhay mursa khay saykhaar t/a excerise kee>a kabee aahay .’

And they all laughed .
Ai> sabhini gad*jee khilyo .

The children also recognized Uncle Hari and greeted him profusely ‘
B/aaran bi Uncle Hareea khay suj*aat/o ai> dil saa> kheekaariyaaoo>si .

And they sat down for dinner .
Poi hoo dinner lai gad*u vaythhaa .

It was a very very pleasant atmosphere .There was laughter around but Hari could feel an undercurrent of uneasiness .
T/amaam suthho atmosphere huo .Chainee t/araf khila hee khila huee para Hareea mahsoos kayo t/a inhay sabhinee jay puthhiyaa> kujhu likal mo>jhaaro huo .

Chandroo said to himself,’They have every thing in the world .But why this hidden nervousness? .Surprisingly before one finishes the sentence ,the other one agrees .No discussion , no argument .’
Cha>d/roo paar>a khay chayo ,’D/uniyaa jee har cheez athan .Poi hee likala ghab/raat chho ? Ajaba jee g/aalh aahay t/a hikr/o g/aalhaa ay masa pooro tho karay t/a b/iyo thhak ma>j*ay tho .Nako paar> may> kujhu bahisu ai> nako rad/kad/.’

So all went off outwardly very well .
So b/aahiraa> sabhu t/amaam suthho guziriyo .

When the time for departure came , Chandroo took Hari in the other room ,pressed a small packet in his hands and said,’ If you refuse a little present from an old dear friend ,then I will have nothing to do with you in future .’
Jad*ahi> moklaair> jo vakt/ aayo t/ Cha>d/roo Hareea khay paasay vaaree room may> vathhee viyo ai> zoree hiku packet hatha may> d/inaaee>s ai> chayaaee> ,’ Jaykad*ahi> t/o hika puraar>ay d/ost/a khaa> na>dhhree sookhree vathhar> khaa> inkaar kayo t/a maa> ag/ay halee t/o saa> ko na lag/aapo rakha> d/usi ‘.

Hari accepted the packet but was disturbed in his heart .
Haree packet t/a kabool kayo para a>d/ara may> mu>jee viyo .

When he reached home , he went into the bathroom and opened the packet . And as he had imagined, there was money inside but my God Rs. 5OOOO . Hari was astounded ..
Jad*ahi> ghar pahut/o t/a bathroom may> a>dar viyo ai> jeeay> samjho huaaee> ,packet may> paisa huaa para dhar>ee moohi>jaa 5OOOO rupayaa ! . Haree ajaba may> paijee viyo .

He kept thinking about Chandroo’s problem
Hina Cha>d/rooa jay problem t/ay sochee>d/o rahiyo .

As Hari was a very shrewd man , he decided to dig in their lives but in a very subtle way .
Jeea> t/a Haree t/amaam hoshiyaar mar>hoo ho, hina faislo kayo t/a hunan jay zind/ageea jee cha>g*ee t/arah jaacha ka>d/usi para t/amaam g/ujhay numoonay may>.’

So,he started with the daughter of his friend .
So,hina pahi>jay d/ost/a jay dheeu saa> shrooaat/ kayee

He went and stood outside the college and waited for her arrival.
Hoo college jay b/aahiraa> vaj*ee beethho ai> huna jay achar>a lai t/arsiyo .
When she finally arrived , she seemed nervous and looked in all directions to ensure that no one was watching her . She quickly put some money on the counter of a pan shop and in a second picked up something .She started walking to the college , opened her purse and put it in .
Jad*ahi> hooa aakhir may> hut/ay pahut/ee t/a t/amaam ghab/iraayal piay lag/ee.Chainee t/arf piay nihaariyaaee> paka karar> lai t/a kayr d/isay t/a kona tho.Yakd/am kujhu paisa hikr/ay paan waaray jay counter t/ay rakhiyaaee> ai> secounda may> ut/aa> kuchhu khayaaee>.Poi huna college jay t/araf halar> shroo kayo.Rast/ay t/ay purse kholiyaaee> ai> unhay may> vidhaaee>.

Hari was shocked to observe all this .He went over to a tea shop nearby .
Haree iho sabh d*isee vair/o thee viyo .Saamho> hika chaa>hi> jay d/ukaana may> vaj*ee vaythho .

He ordered a cup of tea and sat down watching the college .
Hikkr/o kapu chaahi> jo order kayaaee> ai> college khay vayhee jaachar> lag/o

The waiter observed all this and said ,’It is an odd college with most of the students on drugs . You see that man in a blue shirt .He is a peddler .Every now and then he gets picked up by the police but is back in an hour’s time . Evidently the police is one with him,.’
Waiter heeu sabhu jaachiyo ai> chayaaee> ‘,Ajeeb college aahay jit/ay ghar>ay kad/ir students drugs t/ay thaa halan .Saamho> hikr/o blue shirt saa> mar>hoo d*iso thaa ? Hoo drugs vikr>ad/o aahay .Hika na b/iyay d*eehu> police khaysi kha>ree vay>d/ee aahay para kalaaka khana may> vaapas achee vay>d/o aahay .Lag/ay tho t/a police hina saa> b/ita aahay .’

Hari said to himself,’ So that is the problem .’
Haree paar>a khay chayo ,’So iho problem aahay.’

He went home in a dazed condition .
Hoo ghar t/amaam mu>jhiyala haalat/ may> pahut/o .

’He thought it over very carefully and went over to a detective agency .
T/amaam chag*ee> taraha sochiyaaee> ai> poi hika jaasoos agency may> viyo .

After coming to terms with them , he gave them three addresses ,Chandroo himself , his wife and the son .
Huna khaa> paisan jee paka karay , Haree khaysi 3 addresses d*iniyoo>.

After a few days the detective agency phoned him and he went over. .
Kujhu d*ee>han khaa> poi jasoos agency khaysi phone kayo ai> hoo hunani khay gad*ijar> viyo .

The agency owner said ,’ The young man is involved with a call girl .He visits her everyday .The girl is intelligent , highly educated and sophisticated .She is a linguist and works in a foreign consulate . Every Friday she takes a trip to Delhi to entertain people and is back on Sunday night .My God ! What a deadly combination.No doubt the young man is in love with her and she with him .’
Agency jay maalik chayo ,’Navjawan jo hikr>ee call girl saa> had/a rast/o aahay .Roz huna khay gad*ja>d/o aahay .Chhokr/ee t/amaam samjha vaari ,par/hiyal ai> zamaanay saa> puj/ee khaair> varee aahay .B/oliyun may> maahir aahay ai> foreign consulate may> kamu ka>d/ee aahay .Hara jumay t/ay hooa Delhi vay>d/ee aahay maar>huni khay entertain karar> ai> aart/vaar raat/ jo vaapas ee>d/ee aahay .Dhar>ee moohi>jaa ! ., Chhaa khofnaak combination.Haka t/ay paar>a may> bayhad/ pyaar athani.’

He continued , ‘ His wife is a gambler and goes regularly to the club . The stakes are high and she is always a loser . Every now or then she sells a jewellery piece to pay off her losses . She seems to be loaded with jewellery.’
Ag/t/ay chayaaee> ’,Sa>d/asi zaala gambler aahay ai> regularly club may> vay>d/ee aahay . Shart/oo> hut/ay vad*iyoo> aahini ai> hamaysha haaraaee>d/ee aahay .Rakhee rakhee hooa pahi>jee jewellery vikra>d/ee aahay haara jaa paisaa d*iyar> laai .Lag/ay tho t/a jaam jewellery athasi .’

He further continued ,’The Man himself has a mistress where he goes sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays .Evidently he must be telling his wife that he is travelling on business .’
’Ag/t/ay halee chayaaee>,’ Maar>hoo khay hikr/ee keep aahay , jit/ay hoo kad*ahi> kad*ahi> chhai>chhar yaa aart/vaar vay>d/o aahay .Lag/ay tho joi khay chava>d/o hoo>d/o t/a maa> b/aahir dha>dhay lai tho vaj*aa> .’

Hari was shocked to hear all this and said to himself ,’This explains everything .But how to tell his friend Cha>droo ! ‘
Haree heeu sabhu b/udhee safaa vaair/o thee viyo ai> paar>a khay chayaaee> ‘,Haar>ay t/a sabhu zaahir aahay .Para pahi>jay d/ost/a Cha>d/rooa khay keea> b/udhaayaa>?’

Somehow he decided to discuss everything with him .
Cha>droo faislo kayo t/a huna saa> maa> zaroor sabhu discuss ka>d/usi .

Next morning he went over to Chandoo ’s office
B/iay d*ee>hu subuha jo hoo Chand>roo jay office viyo .

He bared all the information to him and in the end told him about his mistress .
Jayka bi khabar milee huasi ,saa sabhu b/udhaayaaee>s ai> pachharee may > sa>d/asi keep jee .

Chandroo was furious and shouted ,‘ I gave you money to look after yourself and evidently you have hired some detective agency to spy on all of us .Have you any morals ? Using my money to spy on me ? Where are your morals ?’
Cha>d/roo had/a josha may> achee viyo and vaako karay chayaaee>si ,’Moo> t/okhay paisa d*inaa t/a t/oo> pahi>jee sa>bhaal karee> . Ai> t/o varee hika detective agency khay hire kayo asaa> sabhini t/ay jasoosi karar> laai .. Kujhu usoola athaee ? Moohi>jo ee paiso moo>t/ay jasoosee karar> laai .T/uhi>jaa usoola kithay aahin ?’

Hari said,’ It is very difficult to find fault with oneself . The easiest way is to blame others for everything . But I will tell you something .Your family members are very affectionate and loving but evidently they know about your activities but are scared of discussing with you .It is you who has built a wall between you and not they .Now I will take your leave.’ .’
Haree chayo, ‘Paar>a maa> d/oh kadhhar> d/aadhho d/ukhiyo aahay .Savlay may> savlo rast/o aahay b/ian khay sabhni shayun laai d*oh d*iyar>.Para hikr/ee g/aalh t/okhay b/udhaaee>d/usi .T/uhi>jay ghara jaa bhaat/ee t/amaam bhaaee>d/ar ai> piyaaraa aahin . Para lag/ay tho t/a t/uhi>jay karnaaman jee khabar athani para t/osaa> discuss karar>a may ghab/raaeen thaa. T/oo>ee iho aahee> jahi> sabhinee jay vicha may> deevaar khar/ee kayee aahay .Na unhan.Haar>ay moo>khay vaj*ar> jee mokal d/ay .’

Chandroo replied angrily , ‘When I need your lecture , I will let you know.’
Cha>d/roo khaaran may> javaab d*ino ,’,Jad*ahi > moo>khay t/uhi>jay lecture jee zaroorat/a payee , t/a maa> t/okhay b/udhaaee>d/usi.’

Hari did not argue . He got up quietly and said to himself, ‘Of course from his view point , he is right .I have utilized his money to spy on him .But I wanted to help him .’

Haree bahisu kona kayo . Shaant/i may> uthee khar/o thiyo ai> paar>a khay chayaaee> ,’ Pahi>jay jay t/arfaa> theek g/aalh chavay tho . .Moo> huna jaa ee paisa huna t/ay jasoosi kara> lai kharchu kayaa .Para moo> khays mad/ad/ karar> thay chaahee . ‘

Hari got very disturbed due this stormy meeting.

Haree hina t/oofani meeting jay karay t/maam mo>jhaaray may> paijee viyo .

Next day when Haree was reading newspapers at his house over a cup of tea, the door bell rang .

B/iay d*ee>hu jad*ahi> Haree pahi>jay ghara may> subuha jo akhbaar par/hee ai> chaa>hi pee rahiyo ho t/a darvazay t/ay ghi>dree lag/ee ‘

When he opened the door , he saw Chandroo standing outside. He welcomed him in as if nothing had transpired between them .

Jad*ahi> daru kholyaaee> t/a Chand/rooa khay b/aahir beethho d*ithhaee> .Izat/a saa> a>d/ari achar> laai chayaaee>si j*ar>u ta hinan jay vicha may> kujhu kona thiyo huo .

Chandroo took a seat and said, ’ You are indeed a true friend . I realize the gravity of the situation and blame myself .. Now I want your help . Will you do that .?
Chand/roo vaythho ai> chayaaee> ,’T/oo> sacho d/ost/ aahee> . Maa> mahisoos kayaa> tho t/a maamlo ga>mbheer aahay ai> maa> paar>a khay hee d*ohu d*iyaa> tho.Haar>ay moo>khay t/uhi>j ee mad/ad/ jee zaroorat/a aahay. Uho t/oo> ka>d/ay>?

An he offered him his hand .
Ai> hathu hatha may> d*inaaee>si .

Hari got up and gave him an affectionate hug .
Haree uthee khaysi dil saa> bhakur paat/o .

6 .The chain reaction

A short story by Chandiramani

Hika maa> b/ee g/aalh

The boss's wife was in a state of tension.
Boss jee joi t/amaam tension may> huee.

She turned and said to her husband,'Imagine what bad luck.! I have a kitty party at home and the rascal of a servant doesn’t turn up .And above all you want your favourite breakfast today.What a misfortune!’

Pahi>jay mur/sa d*aa>h moo>h varaa ay chayaaee> ,’ Moo>hijee kharaab kismat d*isu .Moohi>jee aj*u kitty party aahay ai> heeu naalaaik nokar aj/u kona aayo aahay .Ai> varee tokhay pahi>jee faqvourite dish aj/u khapay .Chaa bad/kismet/ee .’

The husband said ,’You could easily phone the restaurant opposite our house and order out something .Their food is excellent as you always say .Also please don't worry about my breakfast .I can easily get some snacks at the office .'

Mur/sasi chayo ,’ T/oo> aaraam saa> saamhay> restaurant maa> khad/o ghuraa ay saghee> thee ..Jeea> t/a t/oo> hamayshaa chav>d/ee aahee> t/a sa>d/an khad/o bayhad/ suthho aahay .B/iyo t/a moo>hi>jee breakfast jee g/ar>t/ee na kar .Maa> savlai saa> kujhu na kujhu snacks office may> ghuraa ay saghaa> tho .’

The wife said,'I know all about your snacks. You will order out a big lunch and invite that flirt secretary of yours .I can read her mind the way she looks at you .Like a cat she is always ready to pounce on you .Do not try to fool me. I know all about you men.'

Moo>khay t/uhi>jay snacks jee sabhu khabara aahay .T/oo vad*ee shaahee lunch ghuraaee>d/ay ai> pahi>jee flirt secretary khay invite ka>d/ay . Maa> sa>d/as khiyaal par/hee saghaa> thee .Jahir/ay numoonay t/o d*aa>h nihaaree> d/ee aahay.B/ileea vaa>gur hooa hamayshaa t/iyaar aahay t/ot/ay jhap d*iyar>a laai .Moo>khay uloo banaair> jee koshash na kar .Moo>khay t/maam sabhnee mard/an jee khabar aahay’ .’

And she continued ,' Try to understand . What luck! I wanted our servant to make something special for my friends .’

'Ai> ag/t/ay chayaaee> ,’Samjhar> jee koshash kar. Chaa naseeb ! Moo>hi>jee d/il huee t/a asaa>jo nokar moo>hijay friends laai kujhu special thhaahay .’

And she rattled on about her bad luck .
Ai> hooa pahi>jay kharaab kismet t/ay yakt/aar g/aalhaahi>d/ee rahee .

The husband nearly lost his temper but he controlled himself . He left the house without a murmer but in a very bad mood .

Mur/sas zaray ghat pahi>jo temper vij*aayo para paar> t/ay kaaboo rakhiyaaee>. Hoo savaai kuchu chava>r> jay ghar chhad*ay viyo para t/amaam kharab mood may>.

He reached the office in a foul mood

Hoo office t/amaam gand/ee mood may> pahut/o .

He called for his accountant but was told that he had not arrived .

Pahi>jay accountant khay kothhiyaaee> para chayaaoo>si t/a aj*aa> kona pahut/o aahay .

When the accountant turned up 15 minutes later , he admonished him and said, 'Imagine turning up 15 minutes late !I do all the work and you people just don’t care .Please don’t bother to tell me that traffic was heavy on the way . I know all about these tricks .

Jad*ahi> accountant 15 mintan khaa> poi pahut/o t/a boss sharmaayus ai> chayaaee>si ,’15 minta d/ayr saa> aayo aahee> . Saj/o kam maa> kayaa> ai> t/avhee> Maar>hoo kujhu parvaah nathaa kayo. Haar>ay moo>khay na b/udhai t/a rast/ay t/ay traffic ta/maam ghar>ee huee . Maa> inhay chaalaakiyun jay baaray may> sabhu j/aar>d/o aahiyaa> .’

The accountant felt insulted but said to himself ,' At least the idiot pays well on time .Damn him.’

Accountant pahi>jee bayizat/ee samjhee para paar> khay chayaaee>’Ghat may> ghat kambhakht vakat/a t/ay t/a saulaa paisaa d*iay tho .’

So he gave a sweet smile but he was very very disturbed.

So b/aahiraa> muskiraayaaee> par a>d/ar may> had/a disturbed thee viyo .

He said to himself,' My wife is responsible for all this for she gave me breakfast full 2O minutes late

Paar>a khay chayaaee> ,’Inhay sabha laai moohi>jee joi zimayd/aar aahay , chhakar> t/a moo>khay saj/aa saara 2O minutes dayr saa> breakfast d/inaaee>.’

And he went home in a foul mood .

Ai> ghar t/amaam ga>d/ee mood may> pahut/o

His wife gave him a sweet smile and said,’ How was the day?
Jor>asi kheekaariyus ai> chayaaee>si ,’ Aj/u jo d*ee>hu keea> guziriyo ?’

He answered,’ What do you know? You gave me breakfast 2O minutes late . I got late and had to listen to a lot of nonsense from my boss ..You women are lucky . Whole day you relax , play cards and go to kitty parties .And we men work hard to provide you with all the comforts .What an injustice of life!’

’Hina javaab d*ino ,’T/okhay kahir/ee khabar ? Breakfast moo>khay 2O minute d/ayr saa> d*inai.Maa> d/ayr saa> pahut/us ai> ajaayo Boss jee bak bak b/udhir>ee payee.T/avhee> zaaloo> t/amaam khooshnaseeb aahiyo. Saj/o d*eehu> mauja kayo , pat/ay raa>d/ kayo ai> kitty parties t/ay va>j*o. Ai> asee> mard/a mahinat/a karay t/avhaa> khay sabhu sukha pahu>chaayoo>. Chhaa hayaat/eea jee bayinsaafi !

And he went on and on .

Ai> g/aalhaair> ba>d/ hee kona kayaaee> .

When the wife could bear to hear no more she went full of anger into the adjoining room .

Jad*ahi> zaalas vadheek sa>d/asi g/aalahir> na budhee saghee, t/a paasay vaaray kamray may> vayee .

There she saw her little daughter sitting on the floor surrounded by dolls which were lying scattered

Ut/ay d*ithhaaee> t/a sa>d/asi dheea zameen t/ay vaythhee huee ai> chainee t/araf dolls hit/ay hut/ay piyaa huaa

She flew into a rage and slapped her saying ,’ You must learn to arrange your dolls in a row .’ .

Had/a josha may> achee , dheeu khay chamaat ha>yaaee> ai> chayaaee>s ,’T/okhay sikhar> khapay t/a dolls khay keea> kat/aar may> rakhjay .’

The poor daughter was taken aback . She cried piteously with tears flowing down her face .

Vaychaaree niyaar>ee ajab may> paijee vayee . T/amaam d/ukha may> runaaee> ai> sa>d/as moo>ha maa> g/or/haa vahar> lag/aa.

She got very upset and angrily twisted the neck of a doll breaking it

Had/a upset thee vayee ai> josha may> achee hika raa>d/eekay jee g/ichee mor/iyaaee> ai> bhaj*ee chad*iyaaee> .

The End.


A short story by Chandiramani

Pahi>jo a>d/ar khaair>u

Mohan was back in Mumbai after three years . During this period , he had amassed immense wealth .
Mohan mumbaia may> tin saalan khaa> poi vaapas aayo ho.Inhay vakt/a may> huna jam paisa kamaayaa hua .

Now he was back and was being lavishly entertained by a friend at a party .
Haar>ay hoo vaapas aayo ho ai> sa>d/as d/ost/ shaand/aar numoonay may>hina khay entertain karay rahiyo ho ..

Suddenly Mohan thought of his Professor who had been very patient and caring during his lean days and had guided him to prosperity .
Ocht/o Mohan pa>hi>jay Prof. jo sochiyo ja>hi> t/amaam sabura ai> pyaara saa> Mohan jay gareeb d*ee>hani may> huna khay guide kayo ho t/a kee>a paiso kamaaijay ..
How could he forget such a person during the last 3 years?

Hair/ay maar>hooa khay hoo hinan tin saalan may> kee>a visaaray saghiyo thay ?
Suddenly his joy was gone and he felt sick with remorse
Ocht/o sa>dasi khushee ud*aamee vayee ai> zameer jay chak karay paar> khay beemaar samjhaaee> ..

His friend noticed the change in him and asked , ‘Everything okay?’
Sa>d/asi d/ost/a hina may> phero d*ithho ai> puchiyaaee>si ,’Sabu theek aahay na ?’

Mohan replied ,; All okay but I feel ashamed of myself for forgetting my beloved professor for so long. I wonder how he is faring ?’
Mohan javaab d*ino ,’Sabhu theek aahay para moo>khay sharam tho achay t/a moo> pahi>jay pyaaray Prof khay hayt/ro vakt/u kee>a visaariyo aahay ?Dhar>ee j/aar>ay t/a hoo keea> piyo halay ?’

His friend looked at Mohan and realized he had to move fast .
Sa>d/asi d/ost/ Mohan d*aa>h nazara kaee ai> mahisoos kayaaee> t/akujhu na kujhu yakd/am karr>o hee pava>d/o .

So he made a few phone calls while Mohan sat in gloom in a corner .
So kujhu phone calls kayaaee> jayt/ray may> Mohan hika ku>da may > maayoos vaythho ho.

Suddenly his friend turned towards him and said ,’ Things are really bad . He is in St. George Hospital in the general ward .Also tomorrow his flat is being auctioned due to non payment of loans etc etc to the bank and other parties .’
Ocht/s sa>d/asi d/ost/a hina d*aa>ha nazar kaee ai> chayaaee>,’Haalaat/oo> t/amaam kharaab aahin! Hoo St . Gerge jay general ward may > piyo aahay . Ai> subhaa>r>ay hina jo flat neelaam piyo thiay chhaakaar> t/a bank ai> bi/yan karazd/aaran khay paisa kona d*ayee saghiyo aahay .’

Mohan’s face went red in shame but his friend said,’ We will go just now to the hospital and also tomorrow to the auction .’
Mohan jo moo>h sharma may> g/aar/ho thee viyo para hunajay d/ost/a chayusi , ‘Asse> haar>ay jo haar>ay hospital thaa haloo> ai> subhaar>y auction t/ay bi. ‘

Mohan answered ,’You are a true friend .But there is no need of going to the hospital .For I am setting up a hospital and I have already chosen an eminent doctor to run the show. I will phone him.’
Mohan javaab d*ino ,’T/oo> sach much sacho d/ostu/ aahee> .. Para inhay jee zaroorat/ kona aahay .Maa> hikr/ee hospital kholay rahiyo aahiyaa> ai> moo> hika t/amaam mashahoor doctor khay hospit/al halaair>a laai choo>diyo aahay.’

So he picked up the mobile and phoned him .
Poi mobile khar>ee huna khay phone kayaaee> .

The doctor was extremely pleased to hear his voice .
Doctor huna jo aavaaz b/udhee d*aadhho khush thiyo .

Mohan said to him .’Do me a favour . Go immediately to St. George Hospital and pick up my professor Vani from the general ward and take him to Jaslok and get him admitted in the best possible room . Get the best doctors and look after him personally. No problem about money . You will have a free hand .’
Mohan chayusi,’Moo> t/ay hikr/ee mahirbaanee kari .Yakd/am St. George Hospital vaj*u ai> moohi>jay professor Vaanee khay khar>ee Jaslok hospital may> suthhay may> suthhee room may> rakheesi. Ai> suthhay may> suthhaa Doctor huna laai arrange kari ai> t/oo> personally huna jee sa>bhaal kaji .Paisay jo asul na sochiji .Bilkul jaykee var>ayee so kaji.’

The doctor was immensely pleased for this was a good chance to be in Mohan’s good books
Doctor t/a had/a khush thiyo chhaakaar> t/a iho suthho vajhu ho Mohana jee d/il khat/ar> laai .

He replied, ‘Just relax . I will phone you when I bring him to Jaslok. Then you can come over .Just relax . Depend on me . I will put everything in order .’
Javaab d*inaaee> ,’ Asul khiyaal na kayo .Huna khay Jaslok Hospital may> pahuchaa ay t/avhaa>khay phone ka>d/usi .Poi t/avhee> bilaashak ut/ay achijo .Bilkul relax kayo .Moo> t/ay chhad*iyo .Maa> sabhu theek ka>d/usi .’

Next morning they went to the professor’s house which was being auctioned . The Professor’s nephew was there to look after his uncle’s interest but he had already been pocketed by the vested interests .
B/iay d*ee>hu Professor jay ghari viyaa jayko neelaam thee rahiyo ho .Professor jo bhaitiyo ut/ay Professor jay paaraa> aayal ho para jin joo> akhiyoo> Flat may> huyoo> , unan huna khay rushwat promise karay pahi>jay hathi kayo huo .

Mohan said to himself ,’ This is an excellent chance to give my professor a good amount so that his financial worries are over once for all.’
Mohan paar> khay chayo ,’Hee t/amaam suthho vajhu aahay Professor khay vadheek paisa d*iyar>a jo jeea> hika ee dhaka saa> huna joo> paisay jay baaray may> sabhu cintaaoo> khat/am thee vaj*an .’

The auction started . One of those present quoted 3 million knowing fully well that the flat was worth 1O million
Neelaam shroo thiyo .Jaykay maujood/ hua t/ini maa> hikr/ay 3O lakha offer kayaa cha>g*ee> t/arah samjhee t/a flat hika kir/ora jay worth ho .

Mohan said, ‘Six million. ‘
Mohan chayo,’Sathhi lakha .’

There was a wave of shock and disbelief .
Sabhu vaair/aa thee viyaa ai> ait/baar na piyo achayn.

The party thought it over and said to himself, ‘The flat is worth 1O million .’
Party inhay g/aalhi t/ay sochiyo ai> paar>a khay chayaaee> , ‘’ Flat t/a hika kiror/ jay worth aahay.’

And he bid ,’Seven million .’
Ai> chayaaee> ,’7O lakha.’

Mohan bid without blinking ,’ Fourteen million .’
Hika chimba may> Mohan chayo, .Hiku kiror/ ai/ Chaaleeha lakha .’

All the bidders quietly got up and walked out .
Sabhu bidders uthee khar/aa thiyaa and b/aahir viyaa .

Mohan was full of joy . He had given 4,OOO,OOO extra to the Professor
Mohan bayhad/ khoosh thiyo .Hina Professor khay 4O lakha vadheeka d*inaa .

He now turned to his friend and inquired ?’ And how is his daughter?’
Hina pahi>jay d/ost/a d*aah nihaariyo ai> puchhiyaaee> ,’ Ai> , sa>d/asi dheeu keea> aahay ?’
His friend replied ,’She is okay but today she has organized a sale for garments . Let us go there .’
D/ost/asi javaab d*ino ,’Theek aahay para aj*u huna garments jo sale kayo aahay.Halu t/a ut/ay haloo>’ .

When they arrived there, they were greeted by a nice looking young man who gave them a card and said,’ Buy from this place .They will give you a 2O% discount .’
Jad*ahi> ut/ay pahut/aa t/a hunan khay hika thhaahookay navjavaan kheekaariyo Poi huna hinan khay hiku card d*ino ai> chayaaee>,’ T/avhee> hina d/ukaana t/aa> maal khareed/ ka>d/aa t/a t/avhaa> khay veeha taka discount mila>d/o .’

Mohan got annoyed and replied’ You seem to have a good background .Why you are doing this to this girl?’
Mohan naaraaz thee viyo ai>javaab d*inaaee> ‘D*isar> may> achay tho t/a t/oo> suthhay khaand/aan maa> aahee> . Poi t/oo> hina niyaar>eea saa> hair>o bart/aau keea> karay rahiyo aahee> ?’

The young man replied, ‘ I am ashamed of myself but I need some money urgently to look after my mother who is not well.’
Navjavaan javaab d*ino ‘ Moo>khay paar>t/ay sharam tho achay para moo>khay pahi>jee maau jee jaykaa beemaar aahay unhay jay laai paisay jee sakht/u zaroorat/ aahay.’

Suddenly Mohan saw the similarity between this young man and his old friend Harjani .
Ocht/o Mohan hina navjavaan ai> pahi>jay puraar>ay d/ost/ Harjaanee may saag/yaa features d*ithhaa .

Full of surprise he asked him ,’Are you Harjani’s son ?
Ajaba may> bharjee puchhiyaaee> s ,’Chhaa t/oo> Harjaanee jo putu aahee>?’

The young man was taken aback and said ,’ Yes ! But how do you know?’
Navjavaan had/a hairaan thee viyo ai> chayaaee>, ‘Baraabar! Para t/avhaa> kee>a Samjho?’

Mohan replied ,? Harjani is my old friend . You look exactly like him .How is he ?’
Mohana javaab d*ino ,’Harjaanee moo>hijo purar>o d/ost/ aahay . T/oo> bilkul hina jahir/o tho lag/ee>. Kee>a aahay ?’

The young man replied,’ He died last year .’
Navjavan javaab d*ino , ‘Hoo ag/iyay> saal maree viyo .’

Mohan exclaimed ,’ My God !What a tragedy . I cut myself off from my friends for three years . I feel ashamed of myself.’
Mohan chayo ,’Dhar>ee moohin>jaa ! Kahir>ee na d*ukha jee g/aalh aahay ..Tay saala moo> paar> khay pahi>jan d/ost/an khaa> paray rakhiyo .Moo>khay d*aadhho sharam tho achay .’

Mohan continued ,’Since I know your background and evidently you have no work ,I am offering you an administrative job in my hospital straightway .’
Mohan ag/t/ay chayo , ? Jeea> t/a maa> t/uhi>jay khaand/aan khay suj*aar>aa tho ai> lag/ay tho t/a t/okhay kaa job kona aahay ,maa> t/okhay hika administrative job pahi>jay hospital may> t/urut/ d*iyaa> tho .’
And he gave him his visiting card.
Ai> huna khay pahi>jo visiting card d*inaaee>

The young man was astounded but accepted the offer and started to leave
Navjavaan ajaba may> paijee viyo para offer accept kayaaee> ai> vaj*ar> lag/o .

Mohan held him back and said ,’ You have been unkind to the girl on the business front . At least take her for a cup of coffee . Wait here .’
Mohan rokiyus ai> chayaaee>s ,’T/oo> vaychaaree hina chhokr/eea saa> d*aadhhay may> bayrahim numoono haliyo aahee> .Ghati may> ghati coffee jo cup t/a piyaarees.Mintu hit/ay t/arsu .’

He went to the girl’s shop , pretended to examine the clothes .
Hoo chhokr/eea jay d/ukaan t/ay viyo ai> jaachar>a jo mikhir>u kayaaee> .

He suddenly turned to the girl and said, ‘I intend buying all the material for an orphanage. State your figure .Will Rs 2OO,OOO do ?’
Ocht/o chhokr>eea d*aa>h moo>h phayray chayaaee> ,’Moohi>jo khiyaal aahay t/a hee saj/o maal maa> hika yat/eem khanay laai khareed/ kayaa> . Chha 2 lakha basi aahin ?’

The girl was taken aback but she recovered and said,’ They are not worth 2OO,OOO Let me calculate .’
Chhokr/ee safaa vaair>ee thee vayee para t/urt/ hee paar>a khay sa>mbhaaliyaaee> ai> chayaaee> ,’ B/in lakhan jay worth hee garments kona aahin. Moo>khay hisaab karar> d*iyo .’

Mohan was pleased but it came as no surprise for afterall she was his professor’s daughter. Honest and straightforward .
Mohan d*aadhho khush thiyo para ajab kona lag/usi, chhaakaar> t/a varee bi hooa sa>d/asi professor jee dheeu huee .Eemaand/aar ai> sidhee .

So he answered ,’ You do not know the value of your material . I am in this line for years and I do not want to take your advantage.’
So javaab d*inaaee> ,’T/okhay pahi>jay maal jay value jee khabar kona aahay .Maa> inhay line may> saalan khaa> aahiyaa> ai> t/uhi>jo faaid/o natho vathar> chaahiyaa> .’

And he took out his cheque book and wrote the amount .
So cheque book kheesay maa> b/aahir kadhhee amount likhyaaee> ..

He continued ,’Day after tomorrow my office van will come to pick up the material .Now let me introduce my nephew to you .’
Ag/t/ay chayaaee> ,’Paree>ha moohi>jo office van ee>d/o ai> maal khar>ee vay>d/o .Haar>ay maa> tokhay pahi>jo bhaityo tho introduce kariyaa>.’

And then he beckoned the young man to join them
Ai> poi navjavaan khay ishaaro kayaaee> t/a asaa> khay join kari ..

The girl was quite amused for she recognized him to the person who was trying to lure away her customers but she took an instant fancy to him and gave him a big smile .
Chhokr/ee t/maam amuse thee vayee chhakaar> t/a khaysi suj*aat/aaee> t/a saag/yo hee maar>hoo giraahkan khay huna khaa> paray karar>a jee koshash karay rahiyo huo para khina chimba may> var>ee viyus ai> t/amaam vad*ee smile d*inaaee>s.

The young man looked at the smiling girl and said ,’ I apologize for my unethical behavior . Come ! I would be delighted if you accept my invitation for a cup of coffee . I know a nice place where they serve excellent coffee . I will however drink my chilled beer.’
Navjavaan muskraaee>d/ ar chhokr/eea d*aa>h nihaariyo ai> chayaaee> , ‘Moo>khay pa>hi>jay bayusul halat/ laai maaf kar.Achu! Maa> d*aadhho khoosh thee>d/usi jaykad*ahi> t/oo> moohi>jee t/okhay hika cup coffee peear>a jee aachh ma>j*>d/eea.Moo>khay hika jag/ah jee khabar aahay jit/ay t/amaam suthhee coffee serve ka>d/aa aahin .Para maa> pahi>jo chilled beer peea>d/us.’

The girl said ,’You drink the stinking coffee . I shall drink chilled beer instead.’
Chhokr/eea javaab d*ino ,’T//oo> bhalay ihaa stinking coffee peeu .Maa> t/a inhay jay bad/raa> chilled beer peea>d/as.’

And they burst out laughing and said bye bye to Mohan.
B/inhee gaj/jee khilar> shroo kayo ai> Mohan khay bye bye kayaaoo> .

Mohan was overjoyous. He said to himself ,This is a lucky omen . If they can share chilled beer , why not their lives ?.’
Mohan had/a khaa> vadhheek khush thiyo .Paar>a khay chayaaee> ,’Heeu t/a t/maam suthho saur>u aahay . Jaykad*hi> paar>a may> Beer share karay thaa saghan t/a chona zi>d/agee bi ?’

He was so overjoyed , that he burst into a song . The passersby were amused but Mohan cared two hoots for anyone . He was in seventh heaven .
Mohan ayt/ro khoosh thiyo jo ocht/o gaair>u shroo kayaaee> . Lagha>d/ar t/maam amuse thee viyaa para Mohan unhan jee bilkul parvaah na kayee .Hoo bayhad/ khoosh ho ..

The End.



Joke no. 1

One day an Arab came to Radio club and sat in a corner with a worried face.

Hika d*ee>hu hikr/o Arbu Radio club may> aayo ai> hika kunda may> achee ud/aas mooha> saa> vaythho .

One Sindhi saw him and asked ,’Why all this sorrow?’

Hika Sindheea jee huna t/ay nazar payee ai> puchhiyaaee>s,’ Hayd*ee ud/aasee chho? ‘

The Arab replied,’ I am suffering from a rare disease and I need a particular type of blood which is available only in India.’

Arba jawab d*ino,’Moo>khay hika t/amaam ajeeb beemaaree aahay. Ai> moo>khay hiku khaas blood group khapay jayko rug/o Hindustaan may> hee milee saghay tho.’

And he named the rare blood group.

Ai> hina inhay blood group jo naalo d*inusi.

The Sindhi jumped up and said, ‘Allah be praised. What luck .! That is my blood group . I will gladly give my blood to you.’

Asaa>jo Sindhi t/ipu d*ayee uthiyo ai> chayaaee>s ,’ Dhhar/eea jo rahim .Ihaa t/a moohi>jee blood group aahay. Maa> t/okhay khoosheea saa> pahi>jo rat/u d*ee>d/usi .’

The Arab was so pleased that on the next day , he presented a Mercedes car and Rs. 5OO, OOO to our Sindhi .

Arbu ahir/o t/a khush thiyo jo b/iay d/ee>hu asaa>jay Sindheea khay hikr/ee Mercedez car and 5OO.OOO rupiyaa d*inaa>ee>s’.

Afterwards they went together to the hospital.

Unhay kha> poi hoo b/aee gad*jee ispat/aal viya .

The Doctors complimented the two on successful transfusion of blood.

Doctoran b/inhee khay binaa kahi> t/akleefa jay blood transfusion t/ay vaadhaayoo> d*inyoo>.

After one year , the same Arab returned to India and contacted our Sindhi friend .

Saala khaa> poi hoo Arabu varee Hind/ustaan vaapas aayo ai> asaa>jay Sindheea khay contact kayaaee>.

But this time the Arab gave nothing to the Indian

Para hina d/afay Arba assaa>jay Si>dheea khay kuchh kona d*ino .

The Sindhi was perplexed and said to the Arab,’ Why brother ! You are angry with me !.You are offering me absolutely nothing this time.’’

Assaa>jo Si>dhee bilkul mu>jhee viyo ai> Araba khaa> puchhiyaaee>,’Moohi>jaa bhaau ! T/avhee> moo> saa> naaraaz aahiyo chha ?Hina d/afay t/a t/avhee> moo>khay kuchh bi natha d/iyo?’

The Arab smiled and said ‘No brother . I cannot be angry with you. But please remember. I have now your blood in my veins.’

Araba muskiraayo ai> chayaaee> ,’Maa> t/a t/avhaa> saa> naaraaz thee natho saghaa> .Para g/aalh khay samjho . Moo> may> haar>ay t/avhaa>jo rat/u aahay!’

Joke no. 2

This is probably the oldest joke in the world, It took place during the reign of pharaohs in 2OOO B.C

Shaayid/ heeu d/uniyaa jo puraar>ay may> puraar>o charcho aahay.2OOO B.C may> shaayad/ pharaoh jay raaj/a may> .

Two neighbors were constantly arguing.
One was a cobbler . The other one was a musician.

B/ paaraysri hamaysha paar/ may> bahis ka>d/aa raha>d/aa huaa . Hikr/o ho mochee and b/iyo ho gavaeeo .

The Musician would say ,’ Your hammering disturbs my singing. I cannot sing in rhythm.’

Mochee chava>d/o ho ,’T/uhi>jo g/aair/u moo>khay sat/aaay tho.Kayt/raa d/afaa maa> pahi>jay aag/iriun khay mut/arko har/ a>d/o aahiyaa> .’

The cobbler would reply , ; Your singing disturbs me . I cannot concentrate on my work .While listening to your music , many a times I have hit my fingers with my hammer.’

Gavaeeo chavand/o huo.’,T/u>jee thhak thhak hamaysha moohi>jay g/aair/a may bha>g* thee vijhay . Maa> t/aal may g/aa ay natho saghaa>.’

So fighting like this they went to the king for a decision.

So b/aee vir/had/aa vir/>d/aa raajaa vat/ viyaa

The king listened to them with great attention, then said, ‘How stupid both of you are .! Just change the rooms.’

Raajaa t/amaam dhiyaan sa> hunani khay b/udho ai> poi chayaee>,’ T/avhee> b/aee bayvakoof aahiyo.Pahi>jaa kamraa hika b/iyay saa> bad/laayo. ‘

Joke no. 3

1. A restaurant owner went to a Bangkok market for buying crabs for his restaurant.

Hikr/ee restaurant jo maalik Bangkok market may> pahi>jee restaurant jay laai khaykhr/a vathhar> viyo .

The shopkeeper opened the first basket and showed them to the customer and said,’ These are local Thai crabs .’

D/ukaan jay maalik pahree> tokr/ee kholee and graahika khay khaykhr/aa d*aykhaaray chayo ,’ Hee hit/ay jaa local Thai khaykhr/aa aahin.’

The customer declined and said,’ They look sick.’

Giraahika inkaar kayo ai> javaab d*inaaee> , ‘ Hee t/a beemaar thaa lag/an .‘

The shopkeeper opened the second basket and showed him the crabs.

D/ukaan jay maalik b/ee tokr/ee kholi ai> huna khay khakhr/aa d*aykhaariyaa ,

And said,These are Indonesian crabs, ‘

Ai> chayaaee> ,’Hee Indonesia jaa khaykhr/aa aahin.’

The customer said, ‘But they are very small. Show me some other variety,’

Graahika chayo ‘,Para hee t/a t/amaam na>dhha aahin .B/ee ka variety d*aykhaar .’

The shopkeeper showed him the third quality but there was no lid on the basket.

Dukaan jay maalik tee> tokr/ee kholee para tokr/eea t/ay ko bi dhhaku kona ho .

The customer said,’These are splendid but why no lid on the basket?’

‘Hee t/a first class aahin para tokr/eea t/ay dhhaku chho kona aahay ?’

The shopkeeper replied, ‘These are Indian crabs . Whenever any crab tries to climb out, the others pull him back . So I do not need any lid ,’.

D/ukaan jay maalik chayusi ‘Hee Hindust/aanee khaykhr/aa aahin. .Jad*ahi> bi ko b/aahir nikr/ar> jee koshash ka>d/o aahay t/a b/iyaa hunakhay vaapas chhikee>d/aa aahin .Inhay karay moo>khay kahi> dhhaka jee zaroorat/ konhay .’

Joke no. 4

Our neighbour said to me , ‘I am a very methodical and excellent planner.’

Asaa>jay par/aysree moo>khay chayo ,’ Maa> t/amaam methodical aahiyaa> ai> t/amaam cha>g*ee> t/arah plan ka>d/o aahiyaa> .’

I asked him ,’ How ?’

Moo> puchhiyo maa>s ,’Keea>’ ?

He replied ,’Every morning when I get up , the first thing I do is to go through the morning paper to check the departed person’s list and see if my name and photo are there.If not , I heave a sigh of relief and start planning for my day ‘

Hina javaab d*ino ,’ Harroz jad*ahi> maa> ni>da maa> uth>ad/o aahiyaa> t/a pahiriyo> kam iho ka>d/o aahiya> t/a subooha jay paper may> jaachee>d/o aahiyaa> t/a moohi>jo naalo ai> photo maree viyala maa>r>hun may> t/a konhay .Jay na , t/a maa> saamat/ jo saahu khar>ee plan ka>d/o aahiyaa> t/a d/ee>ha may > chhaa chhaa ka>d/usi .’

Joke no. 5

A person said to his friend,’ Credit to you . Even after 1O years of marriage , you are speaking so sweetly to your wife on the telephone.’

Hikr/ay maar>hooa pahi>jay d/ost/a khay chayo ,’Shabass athaee jo d*ahan saalan jay shaad/eea kha> bi poi pahi>jee joi saa> hair/o mithho telephone t/ay vaythho g/aalhaahee>?’

The friend replied , ‘But that is not my wife., It is yours .’

D/ost/a javaab d*inusi ,’ Heea moo>hjee joi konhay para t/uhi>jee .’

Joke no. 6

A person said to his friend ,’ My wife is an angel.’

Hikr/ay maar>hooa pahi>jay d/ost/a khay chayo ,’Moo>hi>jee joi t/a firsht/o aahay.’

His friend replied ,’You are lucky . Mine is still alive .’

D/ost/as javaab d*inus ,’ T/oo> khooshnaseeb aahee> .Moo>hi>jee joi aj*aa> t/aaee> jeear/ee aahay.’

Joke no. 7

A lady said,’ My husband now after the marriage is a millionare .’

’Hikr/ee zaal chayo,’Shaadeea khaa> poi moo>hijo mur/su Lakhaapat/ee aahay.’

Her friend inquired ,’ What was he before the marriage ?

Sa>d/asi saahir/eea puchiyus ,’Shaad/eea khaa> ag/u may> chhaa ho ?’

The lady replied, ‘A billionare .’

Zaala javaab d*ino ,’ Arbupat/ee .

Joke no. 8

One person visited doctor and said ‘Doctor ! I have a serious problem . Whenever my wife speaks to me , I can’t hear anything but when others speak to me , I hear very clearly . Please help me .’

Hikr/o mar/hoo doctor vati viyo ai> chayaaee>s ,’Doctor! Moo>khay t/amaam vad*o problem aahay . Jad*ahi> moohi>jee joi moo>saa> g/aalhaa ay thee t/a maa> kuchhu kona tho budhee saghaa> para jad*ahi> b/iyaa tha g/aalhaaeen , t/a maa> t/amaam cha>g*ee t/arah b/udhee tho saghaa> .Mahirbaanee karay moo>khay mad/ad/ kayo .’

Doctor replied ,’ God has given you a gift and you want to return it . I will not help you in such an ungodly action . You seem to be a holy person .Pray to God for a similar gift to me .’

Doctor javaab d*ino ,’ Dhar>eea t/avhaa>khay hika sookhr/ee d/inee aahay and t/avhee> unakhay vaapas thaa karar> chaahiyo .Maa> t/avhaa>khay hair/ay kinay kama may> mad/ad/ natho karay saghaa> .T/avhee> t/a Mahat/maa piaa lag/o .Dhar>eea khay prathnaa kayo t/a moo>khay bi sag/ee sookhree d*iay .’

Joke no. 9

In a train that was about to leave the platform , one person came rushing in a compartment . There was already another person seated there .

Hikr/ee train platform chhad*ar>a t/ay huee t/a hikr/o maar>hoo dukoo> paaee>d/o a>d/ar hika compartment may> ghir/yo . Ut/ay ag/u may>hee hikr/o maar>hoo vaytho ho .

He said to the person already seated ‘,My God ! It is so hot .’

Jayko maar>hoo ag/ayee vaythho ho , unhay khay chayaaee> ,’Dhar>ee rahim karay ! Chha t/a garmee aahay !’

And he switched on the A/C

Ai> A/C start kayaaee> .

The other person got annoyed , and said to himself ,,Evidently he has no manners .He did not ask for my permission to start the A/C .’

B/io maar>hoo naaraaz thee viyo ai> paar> khay chayaaee> ,’Lag/ay tho t/a hinakhay fazeelata kona aahay . Moo>khaa> puchhar>a khaa> savaai A/C start kayaaee> .’

So he said ,,’It is already cool .Don’t start the A/c .

So chayaaee>,’Ag/umay> hee hit/ay thadhi aahay. A/C start na kari.’

So they got into an argument and nearly came to blows .

So paar>a may> bahisu shroo kara>a lag/aa ai> zaray ghati maaraamaaree thay shroo kayaaoo>

Meantime the guard arrived on the scene and said , ‘What is this argument about ?’

T/ayt/ray may> guard achee ut/ay pahut/o ai> puchhiyaaee> ,’ Chhaa t/ay bahisu karay rahiyaa aahiyo?’

Both the passangers turned to him and gave their points of view.

B/inhee musaafiran huna d/aahu nihaariyo ai pahi>jee pahi>jee point of view d/inee .

The guard replied , My God ! But the A/C is out of order .’

Guard jawab d/ino ,’Dhar>ee rahim karay !.Para A/C t/a kharaab aahay .’

Joke no. 10

One patient went a doctor.

Hikr/o mareez doctor vat/i viyo

‘Doctor ! he said . ‘I have a problem . Whenever someone says a number , I start counting further ,’

‘Doctor saahib !’ hina chayo ,’Moo>khay hiku problem aahay. ..Jad*ahi> bi kayru ko number tho cha ay , t/a maa> ag/t/ay tho
g/ar/ar>u shroo kayaa>.’

The doctor gave him a medicine and said , ‘This is a peculiar case . You can pay me afterwards ‘

Doctor khays d/avaa d/inee ai> chayaaee> ‘,Hee t/a t/amaam ajeeb case aahay.’T/oo> moo>khay paisaa bhalay poi d*iji ‘.’

After a few days the patient returned and said, Doctor! I am completely cured . How much may I pay you ?

Kuchu d*ee>han khaa> poi mareez doctor vat/ vaapas viyo ai> chayaaee>s ,’ Doctor !Maa> t/a safaa chhutee viyo aahyaa> . T/avhaa> khay kayt/raa paisaa d*iyaa>?.’

The doctor said ,’ Five hundred only .’

Doctor javaab d*ino ,’Rug/o pa>j sav.’

The patient said , What only five hundred! Five hundred and one : five hundred and two! Five hundred and three……. .’
And he went on .

Mareeza chayo,’Chhaa rug/o pa>j sav !Pa>j sav hiku .Pa>j sav b/a.Pa>j sav tay .’…

Ai> g/arar>u b>ad/ ee na karay .

The doctor folded his hands and said to him., Evidently you are not cured . Please leave me in peace.’

Doctor hatha jor/ay chayusi ,’Lag/ay tho t/a t/avhee> bilkul kona chhutaa aahiyo .Mahirbaanee karay moo>khay shaa>t/ may> r ahar> d*iyo .’

The patient went out and said to himself ,, My God! Five hundred only!’

Mareez b/aahir viyo ai> paar>a khay chayaaee> ,,Dhar>ee moohi>jaa !Rug/o pa>j sav .’

And he went home laughing to himself .

Ai> hoo khila>d/ay khila>d/ay ghar viyo .